Item – Our internet disappeared yesterday. Apparantly, actually, thousands of people’s internet disappeared, because, I believe, Slough burnt a hole in the fabric of space-time. Admittedly the engineers weren’t exactly clear on that point.

Item – Faced with an entire evening of nothing to do but talk to each other (now that Forbrydelsen is over), H and I were driven to go to bed early and RTFM.

Item – The Family Drama, it continues. A different relative has announced he is getting married. He announced it by email. He is getting married this weekend. On another continent. Most of us haven’t even met the girl. …crickets….

Item – After work today I went into the centre of town to buy presents for my sister, my uncle and my mother, who are having a birthday trifecta this weekend, also it is Mothering Sunday (the British version of Mother’s Day, and yes, every shop, advert, poster and annoying work colleague is reminding me of this fact, hurrah). Spending a lot of money very quickly in a blizzard of pink and yellow Easter candy and gigantic posters saying ‘Mum’s the word!’ has somehow failed to delight me. Not even the defective trains and the nearly-two-hour trip home again raised my spirits.

Item – I’ve been doing sums again, and if this cycle adheres to the mode average, my next period will screw the Easter Bank Holiday for me. Of course it will. Any bets on it being another miscarriage, just so we leave No Holiday Unscathed? After all, we’ve already done Christmas, Halloween and my birthday.

Item – I am so tired. I need about a month off lying on a couch being fed chicken soup while I do nothing but catch up on my reading.


14 responses to “Grumpy

  • BigP's Heather

    Mothering Sunday/Mother’s Day – worst holiday ever. Do we owe our mother’s for having unprotected sex? Do we need to be reminded annually that our mothers were once sexual creatures? I think not.

  • a

    Here’s my latest idea…instead of Mother’s Day, mothers can get their recognition on their child’s birthday. That way, the rest of the world can ignore the day as they choose, there is no major advertising campaign assault, mothers who are assholes don’t get any recognition, and the mother can have an entire day for each child to hear the recounting of how awful giving birth to them was.

    I might also be grumpy…

  • Amy P

    Mother’s Day sucks. Except I have to pretend to like it, since Faith is old enough to be making gifts for me in class. Father’s Day is easier–at least I have Tom to buy gifts for, that turn out to be absolutely wrong… (Dad was easier–latest science fiction paperback or a novelty t-shirt if he beat me to the bookstore. One Christmas we gave each other the same book–at least neither of us had to borrow it from the other ;-))


  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I feel strongly that Easter should remain non-denominationally sacred for you both. You are certainly due a pregnancy, both statistically and deservedly, and not – and how can I emphasize this enough – NOT on the roster to be hijacked horrendously by reproductive misery.
    *shakes fist at sky*

    Ehhh. Mothering Sunday. Outlived its purpose by a factor of TooMany. I do, of course, treasure the handmade offerings (despite the fact that I know that Harry’s input has been likely fairly peripheral) because it would be dishonouring the fight, and those still in the trenches, not to acknowledge the guerdon. However much glue is strewn untidily across its surface/suspiciously neatly pooled under the gaudy bits of polished glass. But I dislike the overblown festival element, even now. It would be nice if Mum WAS the word from the blasted retailers, but bugger-all chance of that, I suppose.

    If there’s room on the other end of that couch, I would love to share it!

  • wombattwo

    OK, so I know what COCFOC means, and I know what LOL means (little old lady, right?) but what on earth does RTFM mean?!

  • Bionic Baby Mama

    that’s a shame. i’ve always thought mothering sunday sounded so much nicer than mother’s day — like a day when you all just coddle the heck out of each other.

    i vote no misery on easter. since it moves around the calendar, it’s a tricky anniversary to keep, misery-wise.

    therefore: perhaps you and H should devote yourselves to peeps week, instead.

  • twangy

    Ah. My mother was a bit surprised to be given a Jasmine plant last weekend but played along gamely, used to the vagaries of me.
    I thought it WAS. Ah well.

    Also firmly voting for a nice fluffy Easter-ish time, and onward. Don’t you dare, Universe! My wrath would be mighty.

  • Korechronicles

    WAAAHHH! WordPress ate my comment. And it was clever and kind and all kinds of rainbow colors. Short term memory loss means it has gone for ever.

    Wish I could take you and H out for a day with no mention of mothers or mothering but with plenty of alcohol. And Simnel cake.

  • Betty M

    I don’t remember mothers day even happening when I was a child. Doesn’t happen much now either unless nanny prompted. School gave up after year 1 which is probably a good thing.

    Anyway hope fervently your Easter is not ruined.

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