Never mind

This morning’s temperature – much lower.

This morning’s pee-stick – negative. Even when peered at under a bright light for so long I start seeing double.


The thing is, this cycle, my breasts inflated and ached like billy-oh. H noticed it, well, them, too. I felt sicky, and headachey. My (OK, this is really Too Much Information) pee smelled different. It only smells like that when I’m pregnant. I had/have a constant headache. My gut instinct went from ‘No comment. Seriously, no comment,’ on 9dpo to ‘shit, girl, you iz knocked up‘ on 10 dpo.

Aren’t this stupid piddling little chemical pregnancies an almighty fucking frustrating thing? I am almighty fucking frustrated.

On the plus side, no sign of bleeding or cramping at all yet. So I get at least a 12-day luteal phase, which is, you’ll all agree, better than an 11-day one. Hey, perhaps I’ll even have a 13-day one!

Thank you for all your hand-holding. I’m sorry there wasn’t much reward for it.


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