Item – So, you know, 11 days past ovulation.

Item – My temperature was still nice and high this morning.

Item – My pee-stick was nice and ambiguous. Is that an evaporation line? Is it a line at all? Can you see it? OK, how about you, can you see it? No? How about in this light? OK, how about in daylight? Daylight AND electric light. And a torch and a magnifying glass and an electron microscope.

Item – Seriously, the fucking thing won’t show up in a photograph, it’s so peely wally.

Item – It’s supposed to be an ultra-sensitive pee-stick with a cut-off of 10 mIU. This all spells a giant roaring NO, doesn’t it?

Item – My main worry/fear/gah is not that I’m not pregnant. It’s that I am, and it’s another craptastic embryo of genetic mince.

ETA at 8pm – I have taken the aspirin. I repeat, I have taken the aspirin. There is aspirin in May. Nobody panic about the aspirin.


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