And you thought I’d forgotten the TMI

I neglected to mention, I ovulated on Wednesday. And all the cramps and stabbing pains and acheyness just… stopped. I was sitting watching TV on Thursday evening and suddenly realised that between my navel and my knees everything was perfectly comfortable and quiet and had been all day. Bloody hormones.

Anyway, period due on Valentine’s Day, because my body has such a gothic sense of humour.

TMI, but it it intrigues me – normally when I ovulate I get two or three days of continuing ‘fertile’ cervical *ahem* (I hate the word ‘mucus’ applied to my lady parts, by the way. Mucus is a revolting word. My lady parts are in revolt, yes, but revolting? Cheek). This time it went away by Thursday afternoon. And normally, my temperature creeps and wobbles slowly upwards, making it quite difficult for the online charting software to pinpoint the day I ovulated. This time it rocketed up and everything looks very textbook, for once. Is this (she chirped, optimistically) part of what The Professor meant by weight-loss leading to ‘better quality’ ovulation with concomittant sturdier corpus luteum? (Also oddly, though I was irritable (d’ya think anyone noticed?), I didn’t spend the night before I ovulated having a yelling weeping meltdown (I had that over a week beforehand. So it probably wasn’t hormonal). H was actually surprised I’d ovulated, given that I hadn’t slammed any doors at all in the past 36 hours. Even though it was day 20 of my cycle and I usually ovulate between days 17 and 25, except all the times when I don’t).

And yes, it’s a ‘proper’ 2 week wait with all the usual obsessing. H and I had been putting the bed-springs through their paces. Quite often. Poor bedsprings. How they long for peace and quiet.


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