On the plus side, my period started this morning, which gives me a luteal phase of twelve days. This is an improvement over the last few non-pregnant cycles (eleven-day luteal phases), so.

On the minus side, my period started this morning. I feel awful. I know tomorrow and Sunday will be even worse. Oh, damn it all, damn it all.

On the plus side, I can go get my day-anywhere-between-2-and-4 bloodwork done on Monday morning, and by then I shall, hopefully, feel rather better.

On the minus side, I shall be late for work Monday morning. My bosses are angelic, angelic I tell you, about my regularly missing two or three days a month because of my stupid bastard period, so I feel bad about missing any more than I absolutely have to. (It’s this conscientious side to my nature. It will insist on recrudescing. Comes of spending my adolescence among Protestants).

And I am aware I am a shite commentator/blog-reader at the moment. Sorry.


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