Daily Archives: December 23, 2010

To freak or not to freak

Eh, beloved internets, I am still bleeding. Not heavily, or I totally wouldn’t be talking to you now because I’d be at the EPU with a wand-monkey in a head-lock until he/she promised to fetch a phlebotomist to check my HCG the very second she’d finished the scan.

And I’m not cramping either. Very very very vague dull not-quite-ache that comes and goes (if I felt properly crampy, again, I’d be in the EPU haranguing the staff).

But there it is. Red blood. Again. Every day it tails off and I think it has stopped, every day there it is again the next morning.

It’s day nine of this bleeding crap now. Keeping in mind when I have a period I only bleed red for five to seven days (I do sometimes spot for a few more days after that, but it’s only ever brown spotting. This is an adenomyosis thing, google tells me). Keeping in mind that I started bleeding pretty much the day after I’d’ve expected my period to start had I not been pregnant.

So. I should be worried? I should relax already? I should stop bothering you lot and go speak to a medical professional?

The next person who tells me chemical pregnancies/very early miscarriages are ‘just like a period, really’ will be beaten to a pulp with the nearest blunt object.