Spartan fail

We didn’t go to the In-Laws for the weekend after all. It snowed instead. Trains were delayed, sometimes by hours, or cancelled altogether. The In-Laws got snowed in completely and couldn’t even drive the mile-or-so to the nearest supermarket, let alone all the way to collect us from the probably non-existant train.

(Britain is on the same latitude as Canada, Alaska, Norway, Russia, that sort of place. We’re north of New York by several hundred miles. Because of the Gulf Stream, we usually have oddly mild and damp winters. Last year we had one that was more, eh, latitude-appropriate, and the entire country fell apart for weeks. This year we’re having another latitude-appropriate one, and the country has fallen apart for weeks again. I throw up my hands).

Instead, we went to a matinee. I felt fine, you see. Well, not fine. More, off my face on opiates, NSAIDs, lack of sleep and the relief of not being in amazing amounts of sodding pain. I had been looking forward to going to this matinee for weeks and weeks. I was GOING TO THE MATINEE. There was a spare ticket going for the evening performance after it, so I went to that as well. Fuck it. I was with a good friend (H declined to cough up for the evening performance and went home to teleconference with his father on the new software he’d given his father for Christmahanukwanzaa). I felt fine already. Stop fussing. Why yes, I sat in this very theatre two and a half years ago as I was miscarrying Pikaia, and oh, I certainly did go to another theatre when I was losing Zombryo as well. I sense a motif. And why should my other embryos have all the fun? And I got home safe despite the snow, and I had something interesting to think about other than the blasted heath that is my uterus. All good.

On Sunday, I very nearly passed out cold in the middle of the kitchen floor. Hm.

Today, I went back to the GP, to discuss how much time, actually, I’d need off work and when I should go back. This GP, who I think I’ve seen once or twice before, was concerned that I am still bleeding (should he be? I mean, I only started bleeding on Wednesday, that is, six days) and sore (well, I wasn’t that sore over the weekend. Am feeling more crampy today, which I was putting down to not having had any painkillers for over 24 hours). I was a bit startled. I was there to discuss my mental stamina. The miscarriage itself was, well, it was… well. You know what my periods are like. I bled a bit more this time. I threw up a lot more. Other than that… So I was non-plussed that he was bothered about it. He asked more questions. I let him know I was very tired, and having dizzy spells, and this definitely bothered him. He prodded my abdomen, took my blood-pressure and my temperature, noted I was pale and my hands were freezing (uh, doc, it’s snowing outside?), and declared that I really should, really really should, go to the Early Pregnancy Unit tomorrow at dawn and get a scan. I looked at him as if he’d suggested I climb Everest in my knickers. I pointed out that I had been barely four weeks pregnant. Nevertheless, he said, there could be something retained in the uterus. Or I could have an infection (WTF?). I should get a scan. And not go back to work this week.

When I got home from this medical disconcertment I was bleeding merrily and passing clots again.

So much for being stoical.


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  • QoB

    Oh, May. 2010 really is kicking and screaming (at you) before it goes away, isn’t it?

  • twangy

    Oh man, it had not occurred to me that that part at least might not be over. Hoping in very concentrated way for best for tomorrow’s scan at dawn. Will try glaring at sky, see if that helps.
    Please be well, innards of May.

  • Betty M

    No it can’t be something else as well. No. No universe no.

    Hope you get the all clear tomorrow.

  • a

    Sigh. I hope there’s nothing else to be found.

  • wombattwo

    Hmmm… Admittedly not really having miscarried naturally myself, I am not the world’s greatest expert, but I wouldn’t have thought that 6 days was that unusual. I also wouldn’t have thought you have an infection – I mean, what from? It’s so early, and if anything is “retained” it hasn’t been for very long.
    Still I suppose a scan might be an idea, in that even if nothing is visible, it means that someone is keeping an eye on you, just in case. And maybe a full blood count?
    Taking the week off work is definitely a good plan though. I don’t know what it’s like down there in The Big Smoke, but up here in The City That Is Famous For Baltis, it’s still a foot deep out there. Not going to work weather, especially if you’re wobbly and fainting.
    Let’s all hope that this is 2010’s final death rattle, and there is no more crap en route.
    Hugs to you both x

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    BASTARD laptop has just eaten my comment. BASTARD.

    GP sounds sensible, and we like Sensible, even if it comes with an inevitable side of Cautious. I’m sure the passing-out is not unrelated to an evil mixture of terrible stress and profound anxiety coupled with… well. The pain. The drugs. The Bad. But no harm in having a peek, although 6+ days of bleeding sounds normal to me… but then, I am abnormal in this respect, so perhaps we should listen to the chap with the MD.

    A bright spark in the bleak midwinter: Hurrah for matinee!

    The snow… the BLOODY snow… can Bugger Right Orf now. Useless powdery shit, can’t even ski on it! Snarl.

  • Ben Warsop

    Oh Feck. Feckkety fecketty feck-feck.

  • Amy P

    One would think a miscarriage would last longer than a period, wouldn’t one? But then again, what would I know? Caution is good. Rest is good.

    Debating whether the trip in the snow last night makes you certified or certifiable–well, that’s your call 😉 (Had to be better than the decongestant discussion…)

  • katyboo1

    Having been through one long bleed and having things remaining which required a d&c, and one long bleed which turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy which nearly killed me, I’d err on the side of caution and play nicely with the doctor for now. Although I know how when these things happen we just wish they would neaten and tidy themselves away and bugger off so we can get on with the pain of grieving, and hopefully healing, and in your case, making beautiful healthy babies in future. Fingers crossed you just have a very caring and over cautious doctor and are home dunking biscuits in tea by lunch time.x

  • Misfits

    I am so sorry for your loss, especially in light of all the new clotting diagnosis work. I have also been around this loss-go-round six times and it’s frustrating beyond belief to have these ends that go on and on. I hope that things progress back to normal shortly, you’ve been through far too much already. My thoughts are with you.

  • Korechronicles

    You could never accuse those insides of yours of resting on their very dubious laurels. Just when you think there are no scenarios left to run they find a whole new way of kicking you while you’re down.

    And given the consequences of doing nothing in this particular scenario, your GP has made a wise decision. Just wish I was in the same city, I’d come over, smack your stoical into line and take you to the EPU myself.

    Forget stoic, go for gentle.

  • Melissia

    I too like the idea of taking a peek, but that is the medical in me, the need to know, even if it means sitting in a waiting room for hours. But not sure that would be the best for your weary body or soul. Hope you are able to rest for the remainder of the week, without having to venture out into the cold.

  • Solnushka

    They told me up to ten days for my six week miscarriage, which I am reasonably sure did not make it close to six weeks. I think it lasted a good week, which is long for me. They were also quite insistent about a scan, although I had no particular symptoms other than, y’know, bleeding heavily. I think it’s protocal, although in your case and given some of your experiences, I should hope that the doctor is getting the wind up a bit. Blase would be a sign he hadn’t looked at your file. I made an appointment with the unit, so you wouldn’t have to wait around. They fitted me in the next day. If it’s C and W I might have the number.

  • valery valentina

    Oh no. I was so hoping for a pain-free christmas for you… I’m soooo over 2010, it’s been enough pain I would think.
    Take care, and careful with the white powder. (same here)

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