Now set the teeth

Thank you thank you thank you all for the out-pouring of support on yesterday’s post. It meant so much to me. You’re all wonderful.

This morning’s pee-stick (of course I peed on another stick. What do you take me for?) was much fainter. There, and there before the magic ten minutes were up, but fainter.

I also peed on a First Response Early Response test that has been hanging about in the bathroom for over a year, and it came up negative. I staved off a full-blown freak-out by the POAS website, which has FRER’s sensitivity cut-off as 25 mIU (new, oval window version). If I was barely triggering a 10 mIU stick yesterday morning, and HCG doubles every 48 hours, then, well, I’ve just wasted a FRER, as it wouldn’t have shown anything until Wednesday even in the best case scenario.

Bugger. They’re not cheap.

(On the ‘be brave, little Piglet!’ front, it’s 11dpo, and my temperature has not dropped. I feel sick, but that could be nerves (is certainly nerves)).

Anyway, as H pointed out, this doesn’t change The Plan. The Plan is, email (and, if I start to hyperventilate, telephone) The Professor’s clinic, letting them know what has happened and asking them when they’d like me to go in. Go to work. Tell trusted and thoughtful office manager who deals with everyone’s sick leave and trusted and kindly line-manager that I am negotiating a medical… issue… and may have to disappear at short notice to visit the clinic. Go to the office Christmas party this evening and drink a lot of grapefruit juice.

Adopt brave and insouciant demeanor, stiffen upper lip, sinews, and spine, imitate the action of the tiger, summon up the… NO! NO! We categorically DO NOT summon up the blood!


15 responses to “Now set the teeth

  • manapan

    I bet you anything that the line looks darker once the stick dries. I’ve always found that the faint urine tinge in the background throws things off when you’re comparing new to old sticks.

    It is most emphatically Your Turn. And the Universe had better back off, because your bloggy friends could get all stabby up in here.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I love that we can discuss faint urine tinges here. I feel very at home.

    @Manapan says true. It IS your turn. Is, is, is.

  • twangy

    OMG so very much has happened in these few days while I frolicked in Christmas markets. Wow – and guess what? I had a dream where this happened. I mean, that you WERE. (Maybe I AM a bit mystical, after all! Gawd I hope so.)

    Go forth bravely May, loins girded, etc, as above, knowing we are all in the background with fingers tightly crossed for you. Standing by…

  • Betty M

    Insouciance is an excellent look. The Plan is excellent too. In fact the universe is ordered to only provide excellent things from here on.

  • carole


    I have no experience with internet tests, so cannot help about faintness of lines and their comings and goings. Was a Clearblue girl, for my sins. Now there is little about those little buggers that I don’t know!

    I’m kind of attracted to the new sort that tell you in words and how many weeks you are. Saves the squinting at lines. Although, obviously, you would squint at the line anyway!

    Keeping everything crossed for you!

  • QoB

    digits remain crossed. the correct use of cutlery is over-rated anyway.

  • a

    Wow. In my world, once there is a line, there is no more need for me to deal with my own urine – it’s straight to the blood tests! So, I’m hoping the Professor will follow that plan, because numbers are far more relevant and meaningful than lines.

    I can imagine the butterflies in your stomach are staging a full-fledged attack. Good luck with the brave and insouciant demeanor!

  • BigP's Heather

    Hoping the doc tells you to come in immediately for a vampire visit!

    Also, hope the Christmas party is distraction for an evening.

  • MFA Mama

    Ooooh, you’re a tough broad! Good on ya–I’d probably stay home under a heap of quilts huffing an aromatherapy-oil-annointed hankie and whimpering preemptively in your shoes. I think your way is a lot more sensible and is what I’d SUGGEST to myself before dissolving into a heap anyway, just, well. Crossing all bits here!

  • Laurel

    Hey, yes, what about a blood test, can you get one yet? And if you don’t hear STRAIGHT back about your email, ring that phone off the hook. Now is when matters, so don’t be shy. Good and speedy medical care at this time is your right, NHS cuts or no!

    (I am all talk about activity since I can’t do anything and must only wait anxiously for more news from you; all my bits crossed for extra good news. Thinking of you!)

  • Korechronicles

    Always love a good plan. ‘Cos I’m so crap at it, I have nothing but admiration when a plan appears. Wishing you…well, you know what I’m wishing for. xx

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