Cling to the Plan

Item – The Plan is working. I emailed The Professor’s clinic, her PA emailed me back within two hours. It is settled that I go to the clinic at the bum-crack of dawn tomorrow and get my blood drawn. Then, I am permitted to go away and play until rather later that afternoon, when The Professor will see me with the results of the blood-tests there on her desk on a silver salver, and we will discuss heparin and other such matters.

Item – Meanwhile, I went to work, I did a full day’s work and more so, as many many lots of colleagues are off lurgified, and half the remainder are sneaking in their Christmas holidays early.

Item – Nevertheless, my line manager is On Board with The Plan, and kept reminding me to take it easy whenever we were in the same room together. I did not tell her I was p-word, but I am fairly sure she guessed, on account of not being stupid at all.

Item – After work, I went to the Staff Christmas Party (w00t) and drank several glasses of fruit-juice and tried not to eat more than my body-weight in tinky sandwiches. A group of us ended up in a corner talking animatedly about office politics *ahem* right up until we realised the Boss of Bosses was standing right behind us, smiling benevolently. Oy vey. And I was stone-cold-sober.

Item – Yes, well. What with the resolute alcohol avoidance and line-manager’s behaviour all day, no doubt the moment I collected my coat and left, the Gossip, it exploded.

Item – Symptoms: Mildly upset stomach this morning (no, no, the other end. Yes. Ick. Common with me the day my period starts (*twitch*)). Occasional mild cramps. Occasional achey breasts. Occasional desire to date-stamp the person infront of me right between the eyes and then lie down on the floor and kick things. No sign of spotting or any other disconcertment. No nausea. No heartburn. No beep-beep boobie buttons.

Item – Schrödinger’s uterus again, eh?


18 responses to “Cling to the Plan

  • Betty M

    No twitching! You have a Plan, you have aspirin, there is the Professor plus I’ve told Schrödinger and his cat and his box to f** off.

  • QoB

    hoping that the blood test results will be showing All Good Things. Do you hear me, Schrodinger’s Uterus? Good Thing(s).

  • Solnushka

    Good luck on collapsing that wave successfully. No blood is good blood. Keep it up. Up the Plan!

  • a

    You never know what kind of symptoms might appear, so stop trying to predict things…or you will predict yourself right into a straightjacket. Take heart – tomorrow is not a long time to wait to see the Professor. Good luck!

  • Hairy Farmer Wifey

    Ah, the proactiveness of private healthcare. Itches a bit around the morals and the wallet, but awfully soothing where it counts!

    Am shorter of nail than I was Saturday.

  • MFA Mama

    “Occasional desire to date-stamp the person infront of me right between the eyes and then lie down on the floor and kick things.” If that’s a symptom of pregnancy then perhaps I ought to worry there’s an embryo lodged somehow in…oh, I dunno, my liver or something. Because…well, yeah. You’re so very witty, my friend, even when you must be scared silly.

  • Amy P

    Sometimes being 8 hours behind is a good thing–you will have had the blood draw and possibly the meeting with the Professor by the time I get up in the morning, and a new blog post by the time I get home from work.

    *searches last 2 blog posts for that which May swore was going to be in her very next post ;-)*

  • Laurel

    What Amy P said! So glad to see Professor is very much on the ball. (I forgot that she is private! Makes life a little easier.)

    Agreed that symptoms are iffy things. I don’t recall anything very notable at all for the first month except vague sensations that could have totally been a product of my imagination. So don’t let those wig you out too much.

    Continued good thoughts for you!

  • Nina

    *thinking pregnant thoughts for May*

  • carole

    Still keeping all things crossed for you. Remember the very best symptom of all is no blood!

  • twangy

    Me too! All things crossed, and admiring your great restraint in not time-stamping anyone. Respecting this greatly.

    Well done, brave May.

  • bir

    OMG May I had somehow lost your blog address, and just came across it again (duly saved now in my faves :)) and just want to say that I sooo have totally everything crossed for you!!! Rest up, girl!

  • Korechronicles

    Between crossing everything and holding breath things are beginning to fall apart round here. But better me than you, May. Would love to be there to hand-hold, make tea and generally faff about ‘doing things’ so you don’t need to think. Good luck with the vampire moment.

  • wombattwo

    Absolutely everything is remaining crossed for you x

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