Frosty wind made moan

Well, now, hasn’t the weather been shocking? Shocking for Blighty, that is. Keep in mind this is a mild, soggy little island and when (as it invariably does, at least once a year) we get actual winter weather (in winter! Imagine!) the whole place has a collective I-fell-down-and-I-can’t-get-up. So, we’ve had nearly two weeks of very cold weather, topped off with snow and ice and transport chaos and pavements like glass (our local council has ‘run out of grit’. No kidding), and work commutes that have been taking over two hours rather than just about one (yes. My commute is usually at least an hour each way. Envy me). And then, when I get to work, I find a sad dearth of colleagues, for some of them live on train-lines that have completely and utterly stopped running, and some of them have woken up to find no hot water in the house and a burst pipe merrily inundating the downstairsikeh’s utility room, and some of them are stricken with an influenza, and some of them have slipped on the ice and damaged their person, and, well. I spent yesterday doing the job that I am paid to do for exactly two hours, and the jobs of two colleagues and a line-manager for six hours. I am quite tired.

Things marital have perked up though *snigger*. H and I had a nasty row about it first, during which, the cold, calm observer who lives in the back of my head and eats popcorn when I am crying, pointed out that we always do this when I ovulate, and just how bloody hormonal am I? Answer, very.

[Have just written, deleted, re-written, re-deleted, a long, long paragraph explaining all the ways in which H was Completely and Totally In the Wrong. It made me sound utterly paranoid, and H sound like Peter Mandelson. I have taken the whole thing out into the back yard with tongs and burnt it. Suffice it to say, when H is tired he panics and says the first daft thing to pop into his head (ie, he’s human) and when May is hormonal, she reverts to her childhood belief that absolutely everything is somehow her fault and everyone else thinks so too (also human, in a depressing ‘my family is dysfunctional’ way)].

Anyway, as I was saying, many self-justifying digressions and deletions ago, things between us actually perked up. I’m feeling quite fond of the dear silly man at the moment, and he seems to be feeling quite fond of me.

And, as I was also saying, I possibly ovulated on Thursday night/Friday small hours of morning. I say possibly, because We Have Been Here Before, and I trust nothing until I either get my period when I expect it or a positive pregnancy test. Which would be, if I did ovulate, day 19, meaning Satsuma has gone back to ‘lazy but functional’ after the past few months’ shenanigans. Bless the dear little gonad, I shall buy her a pony.

I am now going to catch a train, should such a thing still be running, down to my mother’s for the rest of the weekend, as part of the Chrismahanukwanzaa Duty Run (she and her live-in share of the clan will be larging it up in the Chalet of Doom this year, so must be visited before they leave the country).

PS – Remember I broke my toe back in the summer? Well, the bastard thing hurts like toothache whenever I step out of doors in this weather. I need a cane (to hit things with).


6 responses to “Frosty wind made moan

  • manapan

    Ugh, you poor thing! Winter weather is the worst on broken bones. Hope you have a great weekend.

  • Womb For Improvement

    Sounds like it isn’t the frosty wind making things moan. (insert lecherous Carry On style snigger here).

  • a

    I recently found out that I have the emotional range of a 4 year old. You are not alone.

    Hope things return to cold/damp/nasty rather than wintry soon. Enjoy your holiday celebrations – even moreso since you are not required to attend the Chalet of Doom festivities.

  • Betty M

    The snow is pissing me off and adding to the pile of crap that is making me stomp around like a total bratty brat. Screaming and shouting and weeping appear to be the sum total of my emotional range at present.

    Glad you and H are back to liking each other and Satusma is being normal-ish.

  • everydaystrange

    We haven’t had post in 4 days. FOUR. And packages need to get out to remote locations of the globe. Royal Mail, why dost thou bend to Mother Nature, particularly as we have the barest sneeze of snow.

    I giggled like a drain at the Peter Mandelsson mention. Not that you lived through that, obviously, but that it was that kind of row.

    For the holidays, shall I knit you a new toe? I can get right on that.

  • twangy

    Peter Mandelson! Gawd.
    Glad to hear That Moment passed, and you both are reverted to normality. May and H, status: good. Phew. Marriage is so humbling, I find. What with the living with the witness to all my silliness, all the TIME.

    Also glad to hear about Satsuma. Cheer! I thought/hoped fervently so! GOOD citrus fruit.

    Have a good trip.

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