Item – Blighty is smitten with a Cold Snap, and is, therefore, cold. And snowy. In November, Blighty is normally dank rather than icy, so this is all quite unsettling. And cold.

Item – H, poor lamb, has developed another cold, only weeks after his last cold, and is very tired and fed up, and I don’t think the weather is helping.

Item – I do not have a cold (yet). Instead, over the weekend, my lower abdomen staged some kind of revolt, and I spent two days clutching at myself and feeling very, very angry. It was the oddest thing. It felt like period pains, trapped wind, ovulation, AND, freakily, what felt exactly like ovulation pain on the left side – the side that, technically, doesn’t have an ovary. (Well, it has a tiny fragment of an ovary (named Kumquat (well, the other one’s Satsuma)) that pretty much blew its wad in growing a teratoma the size of a grapefruit and getting ripped in half by it. My teenage years were such fun). I panicked, variously, about further teratomas, endometriosis to go with the adenomyosis, appendicitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, interstitial cystitis, and internal bleeding.

Item – In case I was ovulating (oh, hey, I ovulated on day 8 once. Day 14’d be… possible), I badgered the poor, feverish, headachey H into doing his marital duties, and it was slightly unpleasant for both of us.

Item – And then I got tetchy with H for being not-quite-sympathetic-enough. And then I bought ice-cream and we ate it all. This works, as a marital harmony strategy.

Item – My insides have stopped feeling like they are falling out. But they still feel like I’m about to ovulate any minute. I think if I badger H again he will run screaming into the icy night.

Item – I know very well this is about H feeling unwell and very tired, as the sodding cold has been keeping him awake for great chunks of the night. I know this is not a rejection of me or anything like that. I know he feels bad about the poor timing of it all as well. I know he wants us to have a kid very much. I just don’t think he has ever, ever, taken on board the whole ‘the more sex you have in the couple of days before ovulation, the more likely you are to get pregnant’ thing. He seems to be stuck in the ‘it only takes one!’ mindset of a contraception public information campaign.

Item – Being harangued about biology, statistics, and the way he is driving his wife crazy doesn’t seem to turn him on. Awkward, that.

Item – IVF seems very attractive at these times. I would totally take OHSS and a giant needle through the vagina if it meant I didn’t have to lie awake at night feeling abandoned without hope of reprieve as my next period comes careering towards me with its wheel-blades out, like Boudicca’s chariot.


8 responses to “Cold

  • a

    I can’t imagine why H would not find all that to be a turn on.

    Hope you’re all feeling well again before those odd pains go away…there’s hope yet, isn’t there? Much luck.

  • BigP's Heather

    I hope you both are feeling better very soon and that no one else gets a cold this season (that would be nice if you didn’t get it at all). I seem to get sick at least once a season.

  • QoB

    It is snowy here too, and my bed-sharing person is also ill, so I can only imagine adding the third element to the mix.
    The description of the next period made me gasp. Sending sympathies…

  • twangy

    Poor insides. That sounds miserable. I hate anything like that. The unknown is crap, and can go and take a long walk off a short pier, in fact.

    Hoping all with be resolved soon. I offer lots of virtual tea in the meantime.
    As we enter a new ice age.

  • wombattwo

    It is too cold. I resemble an icicle instead of a human being. With a complaining cervix too. Now there’s a combination.
    I have a pain that sounds remarkably similar to that sometimes. I have never worked out what it is, but I do hope yours goes away very soon.
    I think that probably both you and H need hugs, so sending internet hugs and a virtual cup of tea. This infertility lark is a big pile of shite, and should be banned, I think. I guess that (having not been at this as long as you) it gets harder the longer it goes on, and every time your period turns up (eventually) crushes you even more. I wish I could take it away for you, I really do. x

  • Bionic Baby Mama

    come to it, i guess it turns out i WOULD rather take OHSS and giant needles through my privates than take to shagging men. feel free to use me as a cautionary tale to H (who i hope feels well enough to remember his conjugal duties very soon).

  • Betty M

    Infertility death march sex – always such fun. Commiserations. I remember how depressing it was to know that you really ought to do it again and again and again when frankly you just didn’t want to do any of it cos it wasn’t much fun when it seemed to have no end result. More ice cream.

  • korechronicles

    Sorry for the suckitude and the cold. Hoping that things change for the better on all fronts asap. xx

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