This is all very tedious

The Pre-Thanksgiving 2010 Pee-Stick extravaganza has begun.

Eight days past ovulation, perfectly negative. So there.

Nine days past ovulation, perfectly negative. So double there.

Symptoms? Eh. crampy, headachy, heartburny, and very, very, very grumpy. Breasts indifferent.



7 responses to “This is all very tedious

  • Betty M

    Bloody peesticks – there ought to be a law of some sort.

  • Amy P

    Well, not everyone gets breast symptoms with pregnancy (I know you have, but still…) The only time my breasts got sore was definitely post-pregnancy–when my milk came in.

  • a

    I see…a sneak attack perhaps? Or just an unfraught Thanksgiving?

    *Also shrugs*

  • manapan

    Those damn peesticks need to get with the program. I hate to give you more to obsess about (like the 2ww isn’t enough already!), but maybe you could try a different brand? My internet sticks were supposedly sensitive to 15 mIU, but I barely saw a line the same day my beta was 65.

  • twangy

    Oh man. All still to play for..?

    (I love the idea of the indifferent breasts, btw. Humour in the face of anxiety! Where would we be without it? Could be a cartoon but don’t quite know how to.. people could easily misconstrue!)

  • Korechronicles

    Hmmm…pee-sticks and grumpiness (to the Very Cubed). Correlation or causation?

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