Of all the luck

Sorry. We haven’t got to the part of the two-week-wait that’s interesting yet. Nothing to do but think longingly of coffee and booze. Watching me thinking of coffee makes the dehydration of mastic compositions riveting viewing.

So, while we wait for the Pre-Thanksgiving Pee-sticks Extravaganza 2010 to commence, I shall ask, nay, plead, that you all go over to the Hairy Farmer Family blog and read this post, about the first few weeks of the life of her premature son. Take many hankies and possibly a stiff belt of whisky with you. And when you’ve read it, if you’re British, can I beg you to harangue the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Langsley, for more attention, more funds, more EVERYTHING, for British NICUs. There’s a form letter Bliss created that you can download here. You can even email your own MP from this website, and ask him or her to harangue the Health Secretary for you. Because this is not fair, damn it, that the tiniest, most vulnerable, most new and fresh and full-of-potential among us, should get the shabbiest care.


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