Daily Archives: November 6, 2010

It’s all good

I am quite sure I actually ovulated. On Tuesday. I ovulated. And now I have a box of provera to shake in Satsuma’s face in a threatening manner as a bonus. Seeing that she is actually scared of provera.

Day 63, I ovulated. Ugh. But I looked at my chart again, and I have ovulated a little under three weeks after the agonising ovarian pain with bleeding pregnancy scare ridiculousness, so I am more convinced that ever that it was a cyst, and it burst, and then Satsuma was free to Do Her Thing in her own sweet time (ie, usually, for the past year or so, it takes her just under three weeks to mature an egg and pop it out. Except that time last Christmas, when she did it in a week (and it all went to hell). That was… odd. Among other things).

Anyway. Satsuma is probably behaving, at the moment. Hurrah.

But because she is a sarcastic little bitch, she has timed it so that I’ll be getting my period on the two days when H and I had bought tickets, a) for a comedy show, and b) for a concert, both of which I am hugely looking forward to, and missing either of which will crush me to a bitter pulp of resentment.


Oh, well, yes, there was appropriately timed sex. I’m just going to plan for incapacitation anyway.