A Deuce of Exasperations

ONE – Why am I organizing my niece’s birthday treat? Why am I organizing it at two-days-notice? During HALF-TERM? Doesn’t the poor child have two parents, both adults? Or, at least, both over the age of thirty? Is it too much to ask that either (or, hey, both) of them could have remembered their own daughter’s birthday and also had the empathy to remember that at almost-extremely-nearly-seven, birthdays are an almighty frikken’ deal? *Throws up hands, books cinema tickets*

TWO – Since I last spoke to you all of the Drama at Elsewhere, the same Someone has done at least two more dillweedy things. However, we have been told From On High that his Super-Special-Snowflakeness means we must cut him some slack (and I’m not sure I agree. Slack first, second, third offence maybe, but this is ridiculous). I am aware that I certainly deserve very little slack, what with being articulate, intelligent, gainfully employed, and only occasionally in too much pain to do anything other than lie on the bathroom floor and vomit, and many others at Elsewhere really are having Lives of Suck. I am also aware that I am in a place of Anxst at the moment and whether I deserve it or not, I want several yards of lovely bouncy elasticated slack and I’m not going to get it at Elsewhere. Especially as From On High hasn’t said anything to me, at all, about my situation or my pathetic little attempt to talk openly about how sad all that IF/RPL makes me. That hurt. Wimpy, snivelly, snow-flake that I am, I have now slunk off in a passive-aggressive sulk to bitch about it all here. No doubt I will be ashamed of myself tomorrow.


10 responses to “A Deuce of Exasperations

  • wombattwo

    Hey, if you can’t bitch here, where can you? Bitch away, sounds entirely warranted to me.

  • twangy

    Oh blimey. Hate that sort of carry-on. We would NEVER do anything like that, on Nuts in May. WE are lovely.

    Happy Birthday, niece of May! Birthdays, yes, rather BIG when you are going to be 7. I wish the youngster in question whatever her equivalent of a Sindy wardrobe is. And many many happy returns of the day..

  • Betty M

    Having unilaterally moved the eldest’s 7th birthday from today to yesterday I am feeling slightly guilty re birthdays. She seemed oblivious to my underhandedness due to the miracles of cake and presents. Your niece will love whatever you do with her I’m sure.

    Elsewhere sounds like a pain in the ass what with the twat-weasel and a pompous on high type.

    • May

      First – hugs and thanks.

      To clarify (must be fair about this. Must be fair about this) I don’t think On High is being pompous. I think On High has certain values – serene and gentlemanly deportment at all times, gracious acceptance of everyone and all their funny little ways, a desire to stand up for and protect the underdog – that are very valuable values. On High is trying to do the right thing, by these values and by Elsewhere, and is extremely uncomfortable with conflict, and mostly would like the rest of us to stop bickering on and on about Someone even if that means Someone keeps on being a twat-weasel. After all, it’s not pretty, several of us turning up to give Someone a good ticking off, and On High wants Elsewhere to look welcoming. Of course, I think an environment where certain persons are inexplicably allowed to be twat-weasels (and bigots!) while the rest of us respond politely or shuffle round the mess is even less welcoming, but I’m a selfrighteous ranting arse at the best of times.

      • Aphra

        Well I unsubbed from Elsewhere too.

        I did think of pointing out what a complete bollox Kipling made of childrearing (“If any question why we died/ Tell them, because our fathers lied” after he’d bullied his son into the trenches where he was killed on his first day at the front). I may yet. On the other hand I see a pattern here. One of us kindly and politely puts boundaries around a troll, and then gets ticked off for doing so. Last time I unsubbed I discovered blogging and stayed off for 2 years, and frankly it’s good to have the time back in my day.

        Time and technology move on, and these days I can keep up via FB far more than I could last time I pulled out.


  • a

    Well, on the plus side, guess who gets to eternally be the coolest aunt ever?

    And in Elsewhere, someone on high needs a good shake…or a smack.

  • Womb For Improvement

    Elsewhere does sound like a hot-bed of intrigue! My advice is just back away, but then I avoid confrontation at all opportunity.

    So I am guessing you’ve booked tickets to see SAW 3D for your niece?

  • everydaystrange

    I’m with Womb – unless this mystical site is written by your soulmate in terms of writing, you may want to consider cut the bungee cord. The angst, it eats. It eats relentlessly. And sadly, you can’t reach through the computer screen and give someone a smack. If we can get technology to that point then yes, go back to that site and armour up.

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