Daily Archives: October 28, 2010

A Deuce of Exasperations

ONE – Why am I organizing my niece’s birthday treat? Why am I organizing it at two-days-notice? During HALF-TERM? Doesn’t the poor child have two parents, both adults? Or, at least, both over the age of thirty? Is it too much to ask that either (or, hey, both) of them could have remembered their own daughter’s birthday and also had the empathy to remember that at almost-extremely-nearly-seven, birthdays are an almighty frikken’ deal? *Throws up hands, books cinema tickets*

TWO – Since I last spoke to you all of the Drama at Elsewhere, the same Someone has done at least two more dillweedy things. However, we have been told From On High that his Super-Special-Snowflakeness means we must cut him some slack (and I’m not sure I agree. Slack first, second, third offence maybe, but this is ridiculous). I am aware that I certainly deserve very little slack, what with being articulate, intelligent, gainfully employed, and only occasionally in too much pain to do anything other than lie on the bathroom floor and vomit, and many others at Elsewhere really are having Lives of Suck. I am also aware that I am in a place of Anxst at the moment and whether I deserve it or not, I want several yards of lovely bouncy elasticated slack and I’m not going to get it at Elsewhere. Especially as From On High hasn’t said anything to me, at all, about my situation or my pathetic little attempt to talk openly about how sad all that IF/RPL makes me. That hurt. Wimpy, snivelly, snow-flake that I am, I have now slunk off in a passive-aggressive sulk to bitch about it all here. No doubt I will be ashamed of myself tomorrow.