Coughing, with fit.

Item – The Cold of Filth is rather a bad one. I took a second whole day off work. Well. H found me fully dressed, staggering around the kitchen, scarlet with fever and making wild but under-powered croaking noises, like a bull-frog buried in a duvet, and asked me what the hell I thought I was doing. ‘Going to work,’ I mouthed, hoarsely. H gave me a loving, but skeptical look and re-directed me firmly back to bed.

Item – I really don’t think I ovulated. I think my temperature went up because I’m ill. I think I need Provera. Stupid ovary.

Item – It’s getting really close to the anniversary of Flash‘s really short and painful (for me) life. It hurts. I wish it didn’t. It’s all been hurting too much for too long.

Item – I’m not looking forward to Christmas either.

Item – My birthday doesn’t suck any more, despite being the anniversary of Pikaia’s loss. So, hopefully, after this first anniversary gloom, future years won’t be a morass of festive minefields. Hopefully. Because I am so very tired of grief.

Item – I need a drink.


10 responses to “Coughing, with fit.

  • a

    I hope the Cold of Filth makes its way into annoying someone else soon. Wish I had some alcohol to send.

    Feel better!

  • wombattwo

    * Revs drill in a vain attempt to scare Satsuma. Tries to look menacing.*
    I really wish I could make it better for you. This grief thing is exhausting, and the combination of grief and a malfunctioning reproductive system is really crap.
    Sending virtual hugs, gin, chocolate and ice cream for Flash’s anniversary.
    And another lot because it sounds like the Cold of Filth is a miserable one.
    I’m not looking forward to Christmas either. We’re having an Anti-Christmas instead.

  • Betty M

    Alcohol, tea, chocolate – all this and more.

  • Korechronicles

    Virtual gin and cough medicine. As much as it takes. xx

  • manapan

    Brandy = Grandpa’s cold medicine. I’m sure gin will work just as well though! (((hugs)))

  • twangy

    Your very good health! ..and I mean that quite literally.

    Glad to hear the suckitude reduces over time. Following you, hopefully..

  • Mary

    May, I couldn’t find an email address on here so leaving a comment. I’ve been thinking about you and I think you should take your mum up on her offer to fund a cycle of IVF. I KNOW what you’re thinking, that you have a good history of GETTING pregnant, but trouble STAYING that way, so how will IVF help?
    I’ve just been through my first cycle of IVF, and it really allows you to discover a lot reproductively about yourself. ICSI also allows the embryologists to choose healthy looking sperm and to monitor the embryos closely. I think it will give you a lot of answers. Also, they put you on so many meds to support pregnancy afterwards (not just aspirin but progesterone injections, estrogen patches, etc) that it really is a very effective way to get pregnant and STAY that way.

    If you want any more info please feel free to email me OK.


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