Daily Archives: September 28, 2010

On topics

I understand that you want to hear more from me, dear readers of May. I’m flattered and hope I can meet your high expectations and the standards that are usually found at this establishment.

Firstly, just to clarify – some of you are aware I did start another blog, that now stands idle. The purpose of that was mainly to provide somewhere I could point concerned colleagues and friends, who realised something was going on but were too polite to ask (or I was too embarrassed to tell them to their face). It was never anonymous, like this one, so I couldn’t link back here and was slightly constrained in what I could say. It served its purpose and may be revived at some point in the future; May’s generous offer to post here is more attractive at the moment as it allows for a dialogue, link between posts and some anonymity.

Now I guess that you’ve had enough of me twittering on about names; I am, however, slightly at a loss as to what you might want to hear from me next. Apparently the ‘male perspective’ is a rare thing in IF land. Now I’m not as emotionally intelligent or naturally empathic as May and I certainly lack her extensive wordsmithery skills and experience, but I’m up for giving it a go; hopefully it may even help me discover my thoughts and feelings too.

So, topic suggestions very welcome, nay begged for. The more the merrier and I’ll work my way through them.