So, good things. Let’s talk about good things. The next post will no doubt depress the living fercrikey out of all of us, so let’s brace ourselves with pleasant things.

  • A two week holiday. That’s definitely a good.
  • Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I met Dr Spouse! We had coffee together! She’s lovely! So’s Mr Dr Spouse! And it was a very nice start to the holiday, having a lovely chat with yet another of the Great Tribe of Wonderful Internet People, so thank you, Dr Spouse, for that.
  • Ohh, lots of things. Ruined abbeys. Excellent food. Red squirrels (they’re endangered in the UK, so, yes, exciting to us). Buzzards. Sparrowhawks. Castles. Smoked haddock. And so on.
  • One sunny, very windy day, we saw half-a-rainbow standing in the bright sun against the blue sky. We drove and drove for miles and could still see it ahead of us, broad and bright and amazing, and there was not a drop of rain falling. An inexplicable rainbow. And then, when we reached the estuary, we saw that the tide was in and the high wind was whipping up a great cloud of spray and spume, a hundred feet into the air.
  • One thing the entire holiday was remarkable for, was rainbows, nearly every day. I’ve never seen so many in such a short time.
  • H found us the most fabulous B&B. Luxury! Luxury! Organic tea!
  • And we went to see the Paternal Parental Unit. So that’s that done for at least a few months. That sounds… not so good, I know. Shouldn’t a family visit be fun and lovely and fun? Yes, it should, and parts of it were. So there.
  • I actually like spending two whole weeks in H’s company 24/7. He’s such a nice man. So funny, and kind, and clever, and, bless, him, he finds my endless rambling and ranting and quipping and burbling entertaining.
  • Holiday finished off in grand style by a visit to the adorable Ben and her adorable husband. I really like them. And their menagerie. But especially them. *happy sigh*
  • And I went back to work today and it was not a soul-sucking enforced sojourn in Damnit Land. I… quite enjoyed it. I do like my job. I knew there was a reason I applied for it. I just needed to rest, to de-stress, and to stop thinking I should be on fucking maternity leave already (which I have done. No idea what that outburst of shouting was about. Carry on).
  • Despite eating like a horse on steroids, I only put three pounds on over the fortnight. I put on a good five pounds the week before each period, so three pounds is piffling (I nearly said trifling. Trifling! Ha ha!).
  • H found me some hot pink roses. I put them in a blue jug. This pleases me.

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