Item – I’m home. Home is cold and full of dirty laundry. Yay holidays.

Item – Google Reader decided that my last post didn’t exist and refused to let it show up. I’d’ve been less hacked off if it hadn’t been a sad little vulnerable post about unfulfilled due-dates. Bastard Google Reader. Bastard bastard bastard Google Reader. And if I haven’t been round your blog for a while, well, it could be it simply isn’t showing up either, and Google Reader is being a FAIL WHALE this week.

Item – Speaking of Google, oh God I am so sorry about the Google ads at the bottom of some of the posts. I hadn’t really realised they were there for a long while, as they don’t show up when I’m logged in. I didn’t ask for them, I earn nothing from them, it’s WordPress’s way of making a tad of money. How can I argue? They host my blog for free, and I do, yes, I really do, like using WordPress. I could pay for an upgrade not to have ads, but I’m only a humble librarian and most (only most, mind!) people my age with my number of degrees earn double what I do. Um. It’s just, sometimes the ads are SERIOUSLY FUCKING INAPPROPRIATE. Especially all the ones about ‘needing a little help’ to ‘start a family’. Those ones can fuck right off.

Item – I think H needs to write more blog-posts. What do you all think?

Item – I have quite a lot to say (‘What I Did On My Holidays’, recent family news, the jolly fun of drive-by pregnancy announcements when you’re being rained on, etc.), but want to be bloody sure that Google Reader is actually my friend again before I snivel myself into a jelly. Or I’ll fret. I’ll fret anyway. I’m interesting like that.


11 responses to “Housekeeping

  • QoB

    Bastard Google Reader seems to be your friend again… at least, mine is.

    (I’m not seeing any ads and I’m not logged it to wordpress …)

    I like H, so I vote ‘yes’ to more from H. And also to more from you:)

  • wombattwo

    I don’t see any ads either. And to be honest, if i did, they couldn’t be as annoying as the ones on facebook…
    I like H too, so yes to that, but I also like you, so more from both??!!

  • MFA Mama

    My Google Reader likes you today as well, and I’ve never seen an ad on your site. Go figure.

  • a

    You have ads on your site? Maybe I never scroll down that far. Nothing can be worse than FB ads, though. If they’re not offering me expensive purses, they want me to find the all natural cure for infertility, and then they offer to find me a divorce lawyer in a city 90 miles away. Sometimes I close them and mark them “offensive.”

    If it were winter, my home would be cold and full of dirty laundry, and I haven’t even been on vacation. Also, I can’t find my camera. Maybe I’ve been on vacation and don’t know it.

    Google Reader likes you today.

  • L.

    Julie at alittlepregnant was also finding that Google Reader hated her, so maybe it’s just been endemic suckage from Google recently. It seems to be fixed now, though!

    Also, I don’t see any Google ads at the bottom of your blog. I don’t think I get any in Reader, either (but I usually click over to the blog when I see a new post).

  • Betty M

    Yup to Google Reader and no to the ads here too so fret not, at least not about that.

  • Teuchter

    I don’t use google reader so haven’t been aware of any malfunctions there.
    Can see that having inappropriate ads inserted on ones blog must be upsetting. The people and the software responsible for this need something large and uncomfortable inserted into their respective nether regions.
    As for those FB ads – labelling them as offensive is one of my pleasures in life. I know they have to fund FB somehow but it worries me just how much FB seems to know about my browsing history.

    Would love to see more posts from H – and want to hear all about your holiday, even if reading it makes me curl up in a ball of homesickness.

  • manapan

    My Google Reader likes you again, but Google Chrome is being a little bitch about letting me load your blog. I think Google must have a problem with sexy, intelligent librarians! 🙂 And I vote Yes to more H.

  • Womb For Improvement

    You’re showing up loud and clear in my reader, now. Though it still hasn’t back dated and added your last post.

    I’ve never seen your ads. Curious thing, the internet and its temperamental ways.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Awaits more H with glee!

    I DID spot an ad here while I was logged out one day and composed a comment saying ‘errm… did you know… there’s this ad-thing…’ but then wordpress, evidently scented a critique, because the ad was a proper WTF?! job, ate my comment, and I was in too much of a hurry to re-compose it. I suppose I’m showing similar ones, although I haven’t checked. Bugger!

  • Heather

    Yes, his blog is lonely…

    Glad you are home safe from your trip!!

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