Daily Archives: September 18, 2010


Item – I’m home. Home is cold and full of dirty laundry. Yay holidays.

Item – Google Reader decided that my last post didn’t exist and refused to let it show up. I’d’ve been less hacked off if it hadn’t been a sad little vulnerable post about unfulfilled due-dates. Bastard Google Reader. Bastard bastard bastard Google Reader. And if I haven’t been round your blog for a while, well, it could be it simply isn’t showing up either, and Google Reader is being a FAIL WHALE this week.

Item – Speaking of Google, oh God I am so sorry about the Google ads at the bottom of some of the posts. I hadn’t really realised they were there for a long while, as they don’t show up when I’m logged in. I didn’t ask for them, I earn nothing from them, it’s WordPress’s way of making a tad of money. How can I argue? They host my blog for free, and I do, yes, I really do, like using WordPress. I could pay for an upgrade not to have ads, but I’m only a humble librarian and most (only most, mind!) people my age with my number of degrees earn double what I do. Um. It’s just, sometimes the ads are SERIOUSLY FUCKING INAPPROPRIATE. Especially all the ones about ‘needing a little help’ to ‘start a family’. Those ones can fuck right off.

Item – I think H needs to write more blog-posts. What do you all think?

Item – I have quite a lot to say (‘What I Did On My Holidays’, recent family news, the jolly fun of drive-by pregnancy announcements when you’re being rained on, etc.), but want to be bloody sure that Google Reader is actually my friend again before I snivel myself into a jelly. Or I’ll fret. I’ll fret anyway. I’m interesting like that.