Oh, for f*ck’s sake

This week’s gone a bit… pear-shaped. I was going to have a jolly old bitchathon about 6 dpo, already nauseous and heart-burny, also, achey itchy breasts. 6dpo! 6! My progesterone levels have no sense of proportion.

But then my Father-in-Law fell at work and ended up with a compound fracture requiring surgery.

Oy fucking vey.

No idea what this does to any plans. No idea if we’ll be spending our holidays in a nice hotel or in the In-Laws’ spare room. No idea how MIL will cope, or how MIL will cope with her in-laws coping with their son being all borked, or how H will cope with his family’s coping skills either. Ridiculous thing to fret about, but I have no idea if MIL and FIL will visit us next month as planned or not, and if they’ll need our bed if they do (the spare is a fold-out futon right down on the floor. Oh, fuck it, if they come they’ll be in our room, that’s certain. Where oh where to hide the Japanese erotica? (kidding. Or am I? Of course I am. I wouldn’t dream of hiding the erotica).

No idea if the In-Laws will be OK or will need our financial support – FIL is self-employed, and already took weeks and weeks off to recuperate from open-heart surgery last February. Self-employed people don’t get sick leave. H and I do have some savings, so we can help. Especially as it looks like we probably won’t need the money for IVF after all, given my lively young ovary and my current penchant for getting pregnant every few months.

We’re spending the evening staring at the telephone, waiting for news.

16 responses to “Oh, for f*ck’s sake

  • Heather

    Hope his surgery goes well and he recovers quickly.

    I say go out and buy MORE porn and fun toys to stash throughout the house…

  • a

    I’m so sorry – I have no idea how long compound fractures take to heal, but I hope your FIL will heal quickly. I also hope he has no long term effects from this – it sounds quite unpleasant and painful.

    Much luck…to all of you. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  • wombattwo

    Sending best wishes to father in law for a good surgeon and a quick recovery.

  • MFA Mama

    Ah, shit. This week just…sucks.

  • Ben Warsop

    I found it strangely comforting to discover erotica in the spare room of my elderly (70+) cousins when we visited them in August.

    I do hope that all goes well with the surgery and that everyone copes.



  • Rachel

    I really hope your father-in-law recovers quickly. Will be thinking of your entire family as you deal with this.

  • manapan

    Hoping everyone is okay! ((Hugs))

  • Twangy

    Oh for f*ck’s sake, EXACTLY. Poor your FIL. Sounds nasty – must have been quite a fall. Nice hotel, nice hotel, and be on hand to visit etc? sounds workable. Also doubt if Drs will allow visiting of metropolis a few weeks after surgery..?

    Hoping for best for all concerned. xx

  • Melissia

    If he broke dominant hand, and most people do, ad they try to brace with falling then expect at least 6 weeks in a cast if he needs surgical pins and screws. That is about the standard here in the US. Recovery for full strength can take several months. My friend who is a landscape architect in her 50’s had such a fracture earlier this year. She is in very good shape as she wools outside year round so recovery was quick, but she is still regaining muscle strength in that arm. Of course this is a women who could work us both into the ground!

  • Erica Douglas

    My in-laws look in our closets and dressers (yes, seriously. The first time my FiL did that we’d only been married about 3 weeks, they came to our apartment for the first time and I hid all the dirty laundry in our closet. My FiL promptly said, “And this is your room? Is this your closet?” and opened it to look. I was weirded out that they were in our room, where we had s-e-x, and here he’s looking at our dirty underwear! Aughhhhhhhh!) so I keep threatening Darling Husband that I’m going to get ads for sexually transmitted disease medications and put those in our medicine cabinet and put, like, whips and chains in our dresser and closet and MAYBE his parents will stop snooping! They even show my SIL; “Look, here’s their room and here’s their dresser.” She’s mortified, I’m mortified, what do we do?!?

  • QoB

    ouch! your poor FIL. I hope everything goes smoothly.

    Japanese erotica is practically art, dahling, it should be on display:)

  • Bee Cee

    Crikey! Not good. Hope FIL is ok.

  • Solnushka

    Carp indeed. Hope your FiL is recovering well and MiL is holding up. Could have been worse I expect, but it’s the consequences rather than the injury, isn’t it? Sure you will work it out, but sorry for all the extra stress all round.

  • Solnushka

    I’d vote for more erotica, but then it might be a bit mean if he’s still in recovery mode and… energetic behaviour… is off the menu.

    I do hope that made both you and H go eeuuuwww.

  • womb for improvement

    Oh God. Poor bloke.

    Poor you.

    I await the next installment.

    And remind me to tell you the tale of the Step-mother, her daughter and the KY jelly sometime.

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