Grinding of teeth

Item – It has been a shitey week.

Item – So I topped it off with a migraine this morning. ‘Ray!

Item – Lack of sleep, especially night after night of it, will do that to a girl.

Item – As will being on shouty stressy raging terms with one’s husband.

Item – The In-Laws summoned us to their bosom for the weekend, you see. H and I were already having a tense, arsey, my-job-is-really-stressful-oh-really?-well-my-life-is-really-stressful communication misfire thing building up. What? It happens in the best of marriages (which mine is). Anyway. We went to the In-Laws, and I was being ungracious about it, because I, not being one to hold a grudge or anything, am still a teeny weeny eeny squeeny bit hacked off about the last time I saw them all and they all had a collective tact-and-sense FAIL.

Item – The In-Laws, for unfathomable reasons of their own (who knows? They might have been good reasons. But I am not privy to them) were all in a complicated assortment of weird and/or bad moods. So doing anything, anything at all, turned into an anxst-fest. Starting with whether eight adults in one house for four hours would overwhelm the plumbing (what? No. No they won’t. Sheesh), segueing through barbecue planning (anxst! aaaanxst!), and skirting round the ‘grandmama is much thinner and frailer than she was a couple of months ago, and thinks it’s November. Um…’ Nursing Home Visit sequelae.

Item – And we were sleeping in a converted garage. Why, yes, it was cold, damp, and like being trapped in a steel drum at the Notting Hill Carnival when the heavy rain started. Why, no, I didn’t sleep much. Eh.

Item – Did not ovulate. Satsuma has turned bunny-girl. She’ll dance about in stockings and a bustier, but she won’t put out. I preferred her when she was being an obedient little whore.

Item – While Satsuma was busy being a rotten little tease, H and I were going through a sticky patch, or, rather, not a sticky patch (see what I did there? I’m so freakin’ funny) what with the Forced March Sexathon, which made me feel panicky, because WHAT IF I OVULATE? HUH? HUH? WHAT THEN? Did this help with the lack of sleep? Marital harmony? General stressening? What do you think?

Item – This is not an issue I can really say anything further about, because, you know, I actually like and respect my husband. I do know I have been behaving like an utter bitch about it, and H deserves better.

Item – Mind you, I deserve better. What I got, was a stressed H, who if spending time with his parents while both parents are acting jinky, tends to emulate said parents. Chosen coping strategies of clan H tend to be Control-Freakery, Passive-Aggressiveness and good ol’ Ignoring The Problem Until It Either Goes Away Or Goes Nuclear. Alas for H, the chosen coping strategies of Clan May are Claiming-All-Responsibility, In-Your-Face-Aggessiveness and good ol’ Following The Person Room From Room Yelling And Bitching Until They Actually Pay Attention.

Item – I’m not sure who won the argument. H is being nice to me and I am having migraines and generally carrying on like the heroine of a gothic novel. Possibly H won. Who knows?


6 responses to “Grinding of teeth

  • a

    Spent the week with my family…I’m not sure my jaw and shoulders will ever unclench again.

    I also follow my husband around yelling at him…he doesn’t seem to appreciate it either. Of course, that does not ever make him be nice to me.

    Hoping the week improves…

  • Illanare

    Migraine – blinding, pounding, brain-being-torn-from-skull-sideways, yuckage. I’m so sorry. In place of chocolate and wine I am sending you virtual tiger balm and cold compresses. And industrial-strength codeine.

  • Cathy

    Didn’t realise how common the following spouse from room to room is. We call them ‘frank and wide ranging marital discussions’
    Much sympathy

  • Twangy

    Oh man. Hope things have improved since, with the in-laws being left behind in the drum, and so on?

    Port/icecream? A port affogato? Something? Sympathy, in any case.

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