I’ve sprained my scowling muscle

Since Wednesday, I have, variously, had headache, had dinner with relations, had headache, gone down to stay with the In-Laws for a few days, survived staying with the In-Laws for a few days, returned home late last night, had yet another headache. I have not had sex.

And I haven’t ovulated yet. It’s day 29 of this cycle. Satsuma has already thrown several fake-out wobblies and has now spent the last (sexless) week shouting ‘I’m going to pop any minute now! I promise! Any minute now!’ I’m… not best pleased about all this.

Also, I have fought (more than once. Oy vey) with husband, cried, not had much sleep for several nights running, and said to myself, repeatedly, with heavy irony, ‘ooh, I wonder why I can’t get rid of this sodding headache‘.

Incidentally, the toe I broke a couple of months ago? Aches in cold wet weather. Yes, I know August is not normally the time one’d find this kind of thing out, but this is August in Britain.

Would very much like to buy a large bottle of port and a king-sized tub of Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Macademia (what? It’s FAIRTRADE) and barricade myself into my room.


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