Some days are very fine

More ‘The Internet is where all the best people live!’ excitement – I got to have a drink with Twangy Pearl on Wednesday. We tracked each other down near my work place via text (‘Woman in pink with insane hair. Approaching fountain. Code-word: ‘I swear I’m not here to kidnap you’) and went for coffee and hot chocolate. Well, sprinted for, as the Heavens Opened, British Summer Official Stylee.

Twangy is adorable. What a lovely, funny, sweet, intelligent woman. What a nice chat we had.

And as a bonus we collected our respective husbands and rushed to the pub through more sudden downpours, for a slightly more grown-up drinkie and alas, a deal of me rattling on and on about bricks (see, the bricks in Dublin are a beautiful shade of salmon pink, and the ones over here are either Choleric Red or Bilious Yellow, so… Blast, I’m doing it again, aren’t I? Shutting up about it right now. Sorry. I babble when I’m shy, and I tend to get wedged on whatever random subject first pops into my head. Aren’t we lucky it was Comparative Masonry rather, than, say, The Drains or Politics? Oh, damn, I did mention politics, didn’t I, and I got my facts Drastically Wrong, and everyone was so nice to me about it instead of laughing and pointing – sorry. Shutting up really really now)

The JB is also a charming person, by the way, and I came away feeling I’d had a very good evening indeed. Hurrah!

I have often had cause to mention that I have met nothing but splendid people via the Internet. I ain’t takin’ it back, no how.

And then H and I went to dinner together – ah the joys of being DINKYs [insert sarcastic snorty noise here] – and then on to the Proms, for some late night Stravinsky, and I am probably committing some kind of sin against Radio 3, but late Serial Stravinsky isn’t as good as early Russian Folk Stravinsky OR middle neo-classicist Stravinsky. So there.


6 responses to “Some days are very fine

  • Hairy Farmer Wifey

    Ohhh, the JELUS, it SLAYS me!
    *Gnashes Teeth In Anguish at Recalcitrant Calendar*
    I am also a terrible babbler when not totally relaxed though, so perhaps Twangy had better space us out a bit!

  • a

    Also a nervous babbler, but I say things that are horribly offensive (but, to be honest, those incidents have only happened at wakes/funerals). Comparative masonry would be a lovely improvement!

    I also envy your meeting of lovely internet people! Especially Twangy – maybe I can finagle a trip to Florida when she goes there…
    My only question is: if she had been a horrible troll with no social graces, would you have told us? 🙂

  • Amy P

    I tend to go very very quiet (big shock there, huh? ;-)) or babble incessantly. Or both. At once. Yes, it’s possible. No, I don’t know how.

  • Betty M

    I tend to be on the silent side rather than babbling myself. You will need to stop telling us about lovely bloggers I don’t know my blogroll is out of control already!

  • QoB

    Do you know I’ve never noticed the colour of Dublin bricks. Thank you.

  • Twangy

    Oooh, [says she, completely morto but in a good way] THANK you. It was so nice to meet you – you and H were so brilliant and kindly. And know A Lot of Fascinating Things. You and WFI were the high points in the experience that was London. Hurray for the blog-comrades!

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