Bonanza, random

Item – So H and I had a joint ‘AAUGH’ moment at the joys of responsible working adult-hood, and went North for a wee holiday.

Item – And on that wee holiday, we met Robyn, which was THIS wonderful.

Item – We also went on a six-hour hike up into the Fells above Windermere. Wild flowers. Red Kites. Buzzards. Cairns. Sheep. Stone bridges over tiny becks. Dragonflies. Bracken (good cover if you need to *ahem* squat down for a moment. Just sayin’). Rabbits. A hare, bolting past us. Pony-trekkers (not, thank crikey, concurrent with the bracken). The lake, pewter under the sunshine and clouds. Feeling you have totally, absolutely deserved a three-course blow-out with booze. Excellent.

Item – And the next day it rained. And rained. And rained. And the hills withdrew behind veil after veil of wet grey cotton wool and sulked. Heigh ho.

Item – On the way back, we stopped off for High Tea and Conversation with the fantabulous Hairy Farmer Family. We got an amazing feta pie, and we got cake, and oh my GOD the cake was chocolate fudge and I think my taste-buds are now too spoiled by the Food of the Gods to wish to have anything to do with boring old chicken salad from the caff near work.

Item – I also got a ten days supply of Clexane (low-molecular-weight Heparin), as Ann had a stash of it from her own doctor. I felt like crying. God knows if I’ll need it or not, but if I do, no bureaucratic tomfoolery or confused GP or understocked pharmacist will freak me out with any kind of delay at all between diagnosis and stabbage. I am very unlucky, what with the PCOS and exploding ovary and adenomyosis and embryo-repelling uterus and thrombophilia and migraines. But, good God, am I lucky in friends.

Item – Speaking of thrombophilia, The Professor told me to start taking the aspirin as soon as I saw a second line on the fabled pee-stick. I’m very tempted to start taking the aspirin as soon as I’m sure I ovulated. H isn’t sure this is a good idea, on the principle that if taking it from ovulation was a good idea, The Professor would have said: ‘Take it from ovulation’. Any thoughts? Could it do any harm? Will I panic anyway?

Item – Ann’s little lad Harry and H got on like a house on fire. I mean, I got a brief leg-hug and some chatter, but H had Harry clambering onto his knee and everything. And shrieks of giggles from the pair of them as we grown-ups were in the kitchen making tea. As we drove away, I said ‘you’re really good with toddlers, aren’t you?’
H nodded. Pause.
‘Do you mind playing with them? You’re not longing for rescue, are you?’ I asked.
‘No, I like it. Surely you know this by now,’ said H.
Well, yes, I did know it. But I try not to think about it too hard, in case I lose it and cry. And now I’ve thought about it, and I shall cry.

Item – Back at work. We are both having stressy work. Well, I am having stressy work, and H is having STRESSY work. Redundancy hovering over the office on wings of storm, and so on. Argh. Holiday completely undone in one afternoon meeting.

Item – Despite the STRESSY, Satsuma has woken up, and we must go and perform our marital duties (I make it sound so much fun!). In case she means it.

Item – Satsuma may well mean it. For an entire year now, unless I was borking my hormones completely by miscarrying, I have had steady 30 to 35 day cycles. I… Well. I don’t know what to think. Or say (wasn’t I anovulatory at some point?) But now I’ve said it, what’s the betting she pulls another three-month Yes! We Have No Bananas! on me?

Item – And now, I must hunt down Twangy and add her to my ‘Real Live Bloggers’ collection. Tally ho!


12 responses to “Bonanza, random

  • Betty M

    Holidays good. Work stress bad. Sorry it is interfering with post holiday glow.

    Aspirin – back in the day, well 2004ish, there was some research to show that aspirin interfered with implantation so shouldn’t be used in an ivf cycle until positive pee sick. I will need to dig back in old bookmarks to find it. That said it was only one or two studies and nowhere near as conclusive as the NSAiDs like ibuprofen interfering. When I was cycling I would stop aspirin on retrieval (i get to take it permanently) and pick it up again either on positive pee stick or about day 9dpo if I was feeling panicky. In the post treatment pregnancies I have been taking it non stop so my own anecdata isn’t really helping much.

  • Bionic Baby Mama

    you and mrs. hairy farmer together? i can’t decide which of you i’m more jealous of.

    and then you go and add twangy to the mix??

    listen, it’s hardly my fault my ancestors were kicked out of your islands so early and thoroughly (and lawsy, were they — we are the first people you’d pass the hat to buy a one-way ticket for, apparently); there’s no need to rub it in.

  • MFA Mama

    Re: the aspirin – have you considered that it is a blood-thinner and if you’re not knocked up you’re going to get the curse and bleed like a stuck pig? This may be the reasoning behind the “wait for two lines” bit. I think it’s up to you whether you’re willing to chance that–certainly it won’t harm anything except your clotting abilities so I think it’s your call entirely.

  • Mary

    As far as am aware, think the reason for aspirin is to stop the blood clotting in the placenta so prob won’t help too much to take it from ovulation. To be honest though, prob won’t do much harm either, except for possibly making period “bloodier”.

    On a complete aside – a friend of mine fed me the most amazing chocolate brownies after my last surgery, and nothing else comes close now. Everything tastes like cardboard in comparison. I’m trying to get her to market them.

    Mary x

  • a

    Ditto MFA Mama – aspirin is a blood thinner, so there might be side consequences to a prolific bleeder like you. Me? I have blood the consistency of well used motor oil, so blood thinner is a fine thing, and I just take aspirin all the time.

    Hope Satsuma behaves herself, and you need that aspirin in a few days.

  • a

    Also, jealous of your visit with Twangy…but I hope she will draw portraits of all the people she’s met!

  • thalia

    The evidence is a bit mixed, as others have said. Frankly the extent to which it thins blood should not make a difference to your period, although you are of course a medical marvel, so who knows.

    The benefits of aspirin also vary depending on precisely what kind of blood clotting issue you have. Mine is pretty mild, sounds like yours might be more profound. This is the kind of thing where I would probably call or email the esteemed professor and ask, she will be more up to date on the evidence than us. Make your doctors work for you!

  • AMH

    I took the low-dose aspirin every day, all cycle long, and didn’t notice any difference with the period. By the time you get a positive pregnancy test, implantation has already occurred, right? So I’d want to be sure no chance of a blood clot that could interfere with implantation.

  • womb for improvement

    Oh Windermere sounds fantastic, as does chocolate fudge cake. I so need a weekend away. I’m 9 days away from a holiday and hanging on to sanity by my finger nails.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Christ, HOW MANY people are on aspirin?!

  • korechronicles

    Hannon (or Paul as I now refer to him) in his well regarded Dales Way tome, labels bracken as invasive. But he would not have the same issues that face us on nature loo stops, would he? So Yay! for invasive bracken.

    I was a day behind you on the Cake Trail and I can support the wonder of the Cake Maker that is HFF Wifey. Colour me impressed.

    And I have nothing to offer on the aspirin situation. Surprisingly, since I have an opinion on everything else.

  • Bee Cee

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about the prospect that the long awaited answers might actually bring a little bambino. Please excuse me for jumping ahead and being oh so jump up and down, but I shall shout *squuueee* for you and keep everything crossed.

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