Daily Archives: August 2, 2010

The Internet Giveth

My life is very weird.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Actually, it’s a very good thing indeed. Weird is wonderful.

It’s just slightly awkward to explain to Muggles – sorry – most people.

On the internet, on a forum, many a few years ago now, I met Ben and her lovely husband, and I met Sol, and a few other people (who may or may not be reading this – hi!), and when I say met, I mean face-to-face, buying-each-other-drinks met. And they really did become real friends.

And then there was blogging. I was being driven demented by the malfunctioning innards, and hey, there were many many others in the same boat who thought it was acceptable to blog about it, so I joined in. And that way I met Ann, and Thalia, and Ms Prufrock, and Shannon, and Liz, and Bee Cee. Go-round-to-each-other’s-houses-and-eat-cake met. More real friends.

And now, I have added Robyn to the set. We first started swapping bloggy remarks in May 2008, when she was taking a great many beautiful photos of her daily life half a planet away. And she was a truly ace commentator. Supportive, funny, kind, apposite. I liked her enormously. To my everlasting delight and extreme excited squeaking, she appeared to like me back, and invited me to her birthday. Even better, her birthday celebration would be this side of the planet (after she’d done something pretty damn epic). Hurrah for Robyn! Hurrah for her noble friends who came with her!

It always amazes me that these people, who come across as so very totally damn lovely on their blogs and in their emails, really really are that damn lovely. The general tenor of the populace seems to believe that Persons On The Internet Are Not What They Seem. And yet I have found that they are exactly what they seem. Only better. With added generosity. And kindness. And it makes me feel so happy. As Small Faces said, But why the tears then? I’ll tell you why. It’s all too beautiful.

It’s all too beautiful.