Together forever

So, we went to this wedding celebration. And it was beautiful.

I love weddings, me. I especially love this relaxed, mucking-about-in-the-garden, shady trees and kids playing and music, eh, suit yourself kind of wedding. And I loved seeing Shannon and Alastair so happy, grinning ear-to-ear all afternoon. And meeting their family, who were also all so very happy, that I loved too. It was as if the entire garden was filling up with joy – we were floating in it with them, and it was such a privilege and honour.

Anyway. A couple of old friends were there, so I had people to talk at at length (I like doing that at parties). And I said hello to all sorts of pleasant and interesting new people, and said breezy things like ‘oh, I’ve known Shannon for a couple of years! How do you know her?’ and if that didn’t work ‘ooh, look at those kids! Aren’t they precious?’, which invariably did work. (And once HFF nobly threw herself into the line of fire, sorry, questioning, and deployed admirable frankness to such good effect we none of us had to say ‘ohh, we all met on the internet and we are worrying you now, aren’t we?’ as HFF had blown the questioner-in-question’s curiosity valve). Incidentally, how do you tell a person’s friends and relations that you met them on the internet because you were all blogging about your uteri? I mean, really, how?

Moments of Spectacular:

  • Seriously? A home-made electric spit to prop up over the barbeque? I do love people who make stuff.
  • Helplessly watching a sky lantern float into the neighbour’s tree. Um. Oops? Of course I wasn’t giggling hysterically, what do you take me for?
  • The Cake.
  • Little candles hanging in the trees after dusk.
  • And Tilley lamps! I love Tilley lamps!
  • Shannon and Alastair kissing as we toasted them.
  • Meeting young Tiger for the first time. Well baked, Bee Cee!
  • Watching H play with some of the older kids. I love that man. *blows nose*
  • Not looking like a moose in my red dress (Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. Sorry).
  • Watching the stars through the taxi window as we drove away, holding H’s hand and feeling peaceful, if not downright pleased with life. Which is a rare good place for me.

Best wishes to the happy couple and their lovely family, and many, many thanks for asking us to come and celebrate with you.


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