How’s your weekend going?

My weekend is being filed under ‘ruined’, and cross-filed under ‘shite’ and ‘miserable’.

But I haven’t thrown up yet, so yay.

On the other hand, I did slowly slide down the bathroom wall until I was lying on the lino (ick. Hairballs) and have a little weep at 4:30 this morning.

H is being very sweet, refilling my hot-water-bottle and rubbing my feet and such-like, but he is absolutely hating this (we shall BOTH totally spend our forties dealing with menstrual PTSD). And I got all shirty with him because he went to sleep in the spare room (we were both snoring. That is not why I was shirty) and he slept in until past 11. So I had a Squeaky Princess Foot-Stamping attack because I had to make my own TEA at ten am, dammit, and anyway, he was happily asleep and I was just so goshdarn envious what with the being awake for hours in ridiculous amounts of pain. I could’ve just kicked him awake and demanded slave-service, but hey, much more fun to be the martyr, don’t you think? No? I see your point. Next time, I’ll kick him awake.

Anyway. Painkillers are working in a half-assed way at the moment (hence online presence). H thinks I should go back to the GP on Monday and slide slowly down the wall of his office until I’m lying weeping on his lino. Maybe I could score some methadone.

I think the real issue is, I need to start taking the mefenamic acid at least 24 hours before the first twinges begin, as instructed on every ‘dealing with dysmenorrhea/endometriosis*’ website I’ve ever seen. But I daren’t, in case there’s the teeniest weeniest chance I might be pregnant and oops, I’ve just poisoned the poor little fecker on top the massive hazard of being in my damn uterus in the first place. I am aware this is more than a little daft of me – I have Really Sensitive Pee-sticks, and we’ve all established that temperature charting is fairly reliable for me. I could start drugging up as soon as I notice the first temperature drop, even. But this cycle, despite the huge obvious temp-drop, the utter lack of metal-mouth, nausea, or sore bazoomas past day 11, and despite the lack of well-timed sex, I was too chicken.

I am a dill-weed. And now the Cute Ute has spent the past 36 hours flailing about in agonised hysterics. So. [Takes self by shoulders and gives self a good shake].

*I know adenomyosis and endometriosis aren’t quite the same. Adenomyosis seems to be the red-headed ditch-dwelling step-child of endometriosis and there is NO INFORMATION out there. Or if there is, it’s on endo sites, explaining how adenomyosis is the red-headed ditch-dwelling step-child and is not going to be discussed here because this is an endo site. Or, more fairly, that adenomyosis often comes as endo’s side-kick, so we shan’t bother discussing it on its own, shall we? (Also, if Satsuma doesn’t have an endometrioma on her, given the way she fusses during ovulation and menstruation, I shall eat my hat. However, given my medical weirdness so far, I shall carefully make a hat out of spaghetti carbonara first).

8 responses to “How’s your weekend going?

  • Valery

    Sniffing and coughing here. Trying to plot my way out of fathers day tomorrow.
    And I bought bright red suede high heels, perfect for a Squeaky Princess Foot-Stamping event.
    Do you use ham, pancetta or bacon for your hat/carbonara?

    sorry for too much pain and not enough tea.

    • May

      Pancetta, if I can get it. If not, smoked bacon (not orthodox, but I like smoked bacon). Or, the vegetarian option, courgettes, sliced very finely and fried in good olive-oil until they’re pretty browned and even getting a little crispy in places. That’s nice.

      The shoes sound fabulous and wonderful.

  • Korechronicles

    Sorry to the power of 75,000. And even then it is probably not enough to deal with the red-headed, ditch dwelling stepchild. She creates pain where I thought pain was not possible. And she does not give up easily.

    I’m making tea at the moment. Happy to share.

  • a

    I could have a pointless “Squeaky Princess Foot-Stamping Attack” every weekend, due to my charming husband thinking that he deserves to sleep in every day. Oh well. Who needs sleep?

    You are seriously in tune with your reproductive system, so please listen to the signals and take your medication beforehand. Hairball inspections should only take place when inebriated.

  • manapan

    My weekend sucks, but not nearly as badly as yours. Thanks for asking.

    I agree with A. You know what’s going on at all times regarding possible pregnancy, so why should you suffer?

  • Betty M

    Totally understand the reluctance to take any risks at all even when all the runes say it won’t be damaging anything. You aren’t being a dill weed.
    Sending tea and codeine.

  • Pamela

    Dear May,
    Ack! Sounds like the weekend was simply awful. I do so hope the beginning of the week has brought relief!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Have been thinking: your appointment’s this week, sweetheart? Or even today?

    Sort May out, Professor!
    *crosses fingers*

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