What Dante said

When you read this, I will be 35. I’ve set it to post at the exact hour of my birth, because I have a widget that lets me do just that and this amuses me.

Still, 35. Dante Italy’s answer, or rather, prequel, to Milton – started the entire epic Divine Comedy with the joys of turning 35:

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva oscura,
ché la diritta via era smarrita.

[Many, many versions in English here]


No. No sighing. Enough sighing. I have all my limbs and most of my reproductive organs. I have a damn fine husband. I have a damn fine husband who can cook. I have a job and a place to live and 100% cotton sheets and a birthday cake. I have a wide-screen hi-definition television. I have freshly shaved legs. I have a MacBook Pro. I have friends who are so amazingly sweet, funny, cute, intelligent, wise and generous it’d melt the heart of a stone weasel. I have new polka-dot undercrackers. I have ringlets and a curvy, muscular back and elegant hands and feet. I have a vast and highly amusing soap-opera of a family. I have gin and bitter lemon in the fridge, for when the family get too amusing. I have a glass of cold white wine right here. Or did have. I think I drank it. I am not being attacked by a leopard, and I do not have to go to Hell and chat to bleeding trees unless I become seriously unwise about my drug choices. This that I am trudging through is merely Purgatory, and therefore one day it will stop. Meanwhile, I have a life. I have a good life. I will now go forth and make a determined attempt to enjoy it.

Did I mention I’d been drinking?


22 responses to “What Dante said

  • a

    Happy birthday!

    The way is not lost…just obscure. Eventually, it will clear.

    Enjoy away, and please have several drinks for me, as I have now gained the talent of getting a hangover after one drink…

  • Rachel

    Happy Birthday!

    A toast to your birthday, your writing, and a few little changes with Cute Ute in the upcoming year.

  • manapan

    Happy birthday! I’m raising my glass to what I hope will be your best year ever!

  • Teuchter

    Happy Birthday.
    May the next year bring you everything your heart desires – and a wee bit more, since you deserve it.

    It’s definitely time the fickle finger of shite pointed in someone else’s direction.

  • Phil

    Cake, always makes things feel better. If not up the Gin to Bitter Lemon ratio.

    Happy Birthday.

  • Melissia

    Happy Birthday!

  • MFA Mama

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Maaaaaaaay…(gasp wheeze)
    Happy birthday to you!

    You’re cute when you drink 🙂

  • Heather

    Happy Birthday May!!

  • Secret D

    Happy Birthday May! It sounds like you are having a good day. Enjoy the wine!

  • everydaystrange

    Happy birthday, and you know, 35 can be good. It has some really good parts to it. There might be suck, yes, but 36 also seriously rocks. It’s all good from here.

  • Allison

    Happy birthday!! May the leopards stay away another year. And the bears, too. Just for good measure.

  • Ben Warsop

    Happy Birthday May.

    You’re cute when you don’t drink too.

    Just saying.


  • Illanare

    Happy birthday! Sending cake, wine and balloons (and Sacred Cafe coffee for tomorrow morning) through the ether.

  • Twangy

    Neither will your feet be burning as you lie head first in a mound of rock! Nor will you be weighed down by an agonisingly heavy gold cloak! Or.. something! (It’s been a while. I might have made those up).
    The point is, life does not have the unremitting nature of hell, but has the capacity to change and be brilliant all of a sudden, and this is what I hope for for you and H.
    Many brilliant returns of the day, May.

  • korechronicles

    Late, as usual. But heartfelt, nonetheless. A very happy birthday dear May. Hope you managed to blow out all the candles on the birthday cake without incident. Alcoholic fumes and fire can be a bitch!

  • Daisy

    May, you’ve no doubt explored this and it’s probably way too simplistic, but have you been checked out for coeliac disease as a cause of recurrent miscarriage? It’s a simple thing to test for if not. Forgive me if this is unwarranted advice.
    Happy birthday!


    • May

      I have now added it to the List Of Things To Bug My Doctors About. I don’t think I have any of the symptoms, but everything is worth checking out, so thank you for thinking of me, and thank you for the birthday greetings.

  • Hannah

    Happy Birthday, May! While I know 35 is a fertility “milestone”, age, I hope this year brings many, many new and wonderous joys.

  • deannavs

    Happiest of Birthday wishes to a life well worth celebrating!

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