I’m tired. Everyone at work is either on leave or off sick, and I am doing overtime and extra dealing-with-hysterical-students-who-have-exams duty, and it’s exhausting. And not particularly rewarding. I’m tired and peeved when I get to work, and tired and peeved when I get home again. My commute takes me over an hour each way – do you think this helps? I don’t.

And anyway, it’s the two week wait, and I am sick of two week waits, and I am sick of vapouring on and on about my aching breasts and suddenly being covered in blue veins and how I’ve developed this strong desire to club each and every smoker I pass to the ground with a bucket of Thames water. It happens every two-week-wait and it’s boring and stressful every two-week-wait and incidentally, H himself is getting his knickers in a twist this month, poor sod.


I shall think of something clever and interesting to say tomorrow. Or maybe next week. Or eventually. It’s too close to midnight and I am tired. Did I mention that?


8 responses to “Tired

  • Betty M

    My sympathies fwiw.

  • katie

    We get all the panicky students until about 3 weeks before the exam when they all appear to go into a cave of despair. But now I know they go and bother the librarians. Sympathies.

  • Solnushka

    Eh? Where did my hug go? Ah well. Have another one. Or five.

  • Korechronicles

    Waiting with you. And I find tired and peevish really easy to do when I have to deal with the vagaries of our train system. Twice a day…and without the 2ww to elevate the tiredness and peevishness to exponential heights.

  • a

    Who authorized leave during exam time? That was just silly.

    I read on Yahoo news today that Britons like to talk about the weather, so there’s a topic for your clever and interesting things tomorrow…

  • Anonymous

    tired at midnight seems right. but by now it should be weekend?
    time for sitting in the park and not worry about laundry? afternoon nap?
    sorry for all the question marks, trying to get the hang of new job and asking lots of questions. Just the where/when/who needs more attention.
    Sleep well tonight.

  • Secret D

    It’s the 2ww, you’re allowed to be pissed off, just don’t murder a student, stick to the smokers!

    I really hope that the time flies although I am sure that it will drag on forever and ever. Hang in there May.

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