Hooray and up she rises

The sweetie that is Secret D nominated me for this, which was timely and kind of her, given that I am in Blogging (And Everything Else) Funk, and I needed a ‘cheer the hell up already’ intervention.

The rules: List 10 things that make your day & then give this award to 10 bloggers.

That seems fairly simple. Off we go. Ten things that turn a grumpy May into a smiley (or, sod it, a slightly less grumpy) May: –

  1. Things in flower. I am well aware that this makes me sound like I’m on a permanent Wordsworth bender. Um. There’s no talking my way out of that one, is there? I am on a permanent Wordsworth bender.
  2. My husband gets up before me and brings me a cup of tea every morning. Every. Morning. The only times he hasn’t, it’s because he’s either been not actually in the same city as me, or so ill I couldn’t possibly be so cruel as to make him. On the morning after the first night we actually slept together, back when he was 18 and I was 17, he got up, saw I was still asleep, meandered downstairs in my parents’ house, said good morning to my Dad, made a mug of tea, brought it back upstairs, sat on the end of the bed watching me surface, and when I opened my eyes and looked blearily at him, he smiled and handed me the tea. At which point, I decided that, yes, actually, I was in love with him. And H hates tea himself and never drinks it.
  3. Coffee from the best coffee-stand in London. It saddens me to admit they are New Zealanders, not Italians – given my childhood, I bloody well should prefer Italians – but the other (big, chainey) chains with Italian names that you can try? Are not as good. Or, to be brutal, as Italian. So there.
  4. Massively getting my geek on at work and cataloguing something weird and abstruse from scratch, perfectly, with elegance and economy and a great deal of detective-work. Even when I’m the only person who’ll ever know or notice.
  5. At the moment, watching Dr Who. I don’t want to make mad passionate love to the new Doctor (H was getting a little… worried… about my David Tennant enthusiasm), but he is adorable, and Weeping Angels? Rock.
  6. Knitting. The pair of cheerful Gay-Pride-bright-and-rainbowy socks I am making for myself right now make me smile every time I pick them up.
  7. Clean sheets.
  8. Getting comments on my blog. Especially long ones. Look! People like me! Real people really like me!
  9. Spending an hour or so lying on the bed and reading a good book. Most restorative to the frazzled synapse.
  10. H spontaneously offering to rub my feet (hint hint).

Some people who also regularly make my day:



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11 responses to “Hooray and up she rises

  • Ben Warsop

    I am blushing.

    And what a great meme. I am a huge believer in counting blessings. And what lovely blessings you count.


  • Solnushka

    *Claps hands delightedly at the honour of being nominated*

    Great list.

    Although I still think that people who don’t drink tea are a little freaky. Sorry H, it’s a blot on your otherwise exemplary record.

    My confession for the week is that I haven’t seen the new Doctor yet.

  • a

    How sweet! You are the lucky recipient of a wonderful husband – I can’t believe he is so unfailingly solicitous. We are so often cranky around my house that any kind act results in surprise! 🙂

    Oh, and the story of how that tradition started? Hilarious! In my house, he never would have made it back from the kitchen…

    Thanks for counting me among those who make your day…

  • Betty M

    Not sure I’d agree with you on Sacred – have you made the coffee lover’s pilgrimage to Gwylim Davies in various places in Columbia Road and Shoreditch ? He just about matches up to chez moi where my husband produces fab coffee.

  • twangy

    Oooh, thanks! Now I am smiling too.

    Agreeing on the clean sheets. That would be one of mine, too. My bed, newly made. I love my bed.

  • Secret D

    A big cheer for husbands who make tea every morning!

    Love the list.

  • Nina

    Of course we like you!!!! And we miss you. And we’ll all be waiting when you get back. Take your time and take care of May. {{{{Hugs}}}}

  • Annie

    Hi – I’ve been following you blog for a little while and love your sense of humor. I’m cheering for you and hoping you get some wonderful news sometime soon.

    We are also Dr. Who fans at my house all the way over in Minnesota! Today I make a Dalek cake and it was awesome. I too was upset about the departure of David Tennant. The new season’s been good so far too, but it was better when the Doctor was hot!

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