Not want!

I’m not sure if this makes it worse or better, but H and I are coming to the conclusion that there was no stomach-bug. The throwing-up? Happened, invariably, when the cramps were at their worst and shortly before I passed blood-clots the size of, well, I’m not sure, I didn’t care to look closely. But they were horribly impressive.

Basically, the Cute Ute has turned into an Evil Dictator, and when she is unhappy, the rest of the body must suffer too.

I have thrown up from pain before, but usually only when I was actually miscarrying, which I feel to be, if no-fun-at-all, then at least reasonable. Vomiting on a ‘mere’ period?

Oh, for fuck’s sake.


9 responses to “Not want!

  • a

    I second that “for fuck’s sake” sentiment.

    As the Cute Ute usually conspires against you, perhaps it has joined forces with your GI system to prevent you from taking your pain relievers…

  • Hannah

    Hello May,
    Am a LONG term lurker just wanting to 1.) dearly hope you feel better soon 2.) let you know I adore your blog in a non-creepy sort of way 3.) think you and H are amazing 4.) am keeping all my bits crossed for you in the hope that the future has some kick-ass good things in store for you.

    You have written posts that have made me cry my eyes out, laugh my ass off, and feel not so alone in this rotten situation we find ourselves, often in the same post. Thank you for sharing so honestly, and with such courage.

    And I apologize for not de-lurking sooner.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh HELL.
    And I was so pleased that the last period was lighter than usual!
    Might you have some endo gluing your Cute Ute to your upper gut? That’d do… something, I’m sure. If you have adeno, endo is a logical extension of assumption. Puking with bad cramps sounds unusual – on the other hand, you hear about women having ‘sick’ labours, so vomiting in response to a major cramp must therefore be something The Chaps In White Coats understand? Might Doc Tashless be worth a visit?

  • MFA Mama

    Oh you poor thing! I used to have horrible giant clots, and the cramps were always worst right as one was on the way out–perhaps because the uterus has to really bear down to force them through the cervix, which apparently hates that shit. SO very unpleasant, and ugh, yuck, feh! Don’t miss it a bit.

  • twangy

    Hmm. I fear I recognise that kind of sickness from Endo – the Teenage Years. It used to make me groaning-ill, dire rear, the whole shebang. In my case, it must have been adhering to the gut, I suppose. Really sorry, May. But as this is a new development for you, perhaps it can be diagnosed/treated (as per HFF’s comment)? On top of the adeno cramps of living hell, it’s TOO MUCH.

  • manapan

    Cute Ute, we will not stand by idly whilst you continue these unprovoked attacks on May. Please cease and desist immediately, or I shall feel myself quite justified in dropping 50 tons of nerve gas on you. 😉

  • Solnushka

    *Gives May’s innards The Look.*

    Oh for fuck’s sake indeed.

  • katie

    You know, is there any way you can get a referral to a pain clinic?

    My helpful doctor friend does this kind of thing and was really useful when I was suffering from all kinds of shoulder pain – she does see people whose primary complaint is not the pain itself.

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