I started a migraine this morning, on the way to work. So I turned round and went home again, and took the day (another day) off. To my guilty horror, the migraine had gone by lunch-time. I spent quite a long time telling myself I could have gone into work after all, and, you know, put my head on my desk and drooled into the computer keyboard until it was all over. That wouldn’t have distressed or inconvenienced any of my colleagues, would’ve it? And then I did some more laundry instead.

I take so much time off sick. My work-place must hate me. Surely my work-place hates me.


7 responses to “Underperforming

  • a

    No, they don’t hate you. When you’re there, you probably work twice as hard to make up for it.

    Besides which, an unexpected day off has amazing restorative powers. I take mental health days frequently!

  • Valery

    Ahh, guilty horror. Are you trying to trick me into saying it would be so much better if you had a full three day don’t turn on the light version of a migraine?

    Workplace, I’m forgetting what it is like. Yesterday at the charity one volunteer was ‘fired’ for always being late. I was given a gift after pointing out I couldn’t install the printer without a cable after i had shown up unexpectedly. (OK, I did plug in the power cord so now the copier part works, but you don’t exactly need a degree for that)
    Surely real work must be different!
    Sorry for rambling…

  • betty m

    They won’t hate you – you have been sick. Sorry you are being plagued by migraines too.

  • twangy

    I’d rather work for weeks on end, forever, than have a migraine or a miscarriage. No one is going to hate you for that.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    But lovey, it’s not as if you can just jump in your car and drive home, or walk a few yards around the corner. It’s a long way to your work, with a commute that I would term hellish, hell being hordes and hordes of other people. You throw up in railway stations when you judge it wrong, remember! One’s own bathroom is the place for that sort of miserable thing.

  • meganlisbeth

    oh may, they don’t hate you.
    when you’re sick, you should stay home. that’s all.
    glad it wasn’t a multi-day migraine bender.

  • g

    I would like to trade my employer with yours, please. If you fancy getting yelled at a bit, that is. I get that a lot and it gets tiresome 🙂


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