Cute Ute the Martyr

About a month ago Miss Consultant sent me off to book an ultrasound so we could, for once and for all, see what the aitch-ee-double-hockey-sticks Cute Ute was up to in the Mystery Growth(s) Which Appear And Multiply And Vanish department.

And today I had that ultrasound.

It’s nearly midnight, far too late to concentrate on editing and continuity. Bullet-points, therefore:

  • Ultrasound was held at the Hospital Out In The Country, so I had to leave work nearly an hour-and-a-half beforehand so I could get there on time. Work is being angelic about all this medical shit. Still, I feel beetle-ish.
  • Ultrasound was performed by very sensible intelligent woman who treated me like a sensible intelligent woman, even when she had my bare knee comfortably tucked into her armpit so she could get a better angle with the probe.
  • I remembered to mention the Absence of Most of Kumquat before she went hunting. Go me.
  • I know I normally feel disgruntled after transvaginal ultrasound because the technician du jour has used enough lube to do every brothel in Nevada and I have to go home feeling revoltingly slick, but I shall never do so again. Too little lube is rather worse. And how is one supposed to mention to one’s ultrasound technician that more lube is required anyway? I don’t think Emily Post ever covered the subject.
  • I am stalling. Let me get to the point.
  • The technician, who is a proper gynaecology ultrasound technician rather than an obstetrics one, is very sure that I do not have fibroids. Fibroids, you see, have clearly demarcated boundaries and are a solid, distinct mass.
  • Whereas I have a diffuse area of vascularity in the anterior wall of the uterus, with dark streaks and many small cysts. She also said something about vascular calcification, but I can’t remember if she said I did have it, or did not have it.
  • Yes, it’s adenomyosis (Ann, you were absolutely right all along. You are officially Cleverer Than My Doctor, or, It Takes One (adenomyosis sufferer) To Know One). Which explains a hell of a lot with reference to periods that feel like my uterus is being ever-so-slowly torn apart. It feels like that because, whoops, it is being ever-so-slowly torn apart.
  • As it is not a submucosal fibroid, it is probably not The Cause of all the miscarriages. Probably.
  • It’s a royal fucker that it’s incurable, though.
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15 responses to “Cute Ute the Martyr

  • MFA Mama

    Ah, shit May. What does this mean? Where to from here? Is there anything to do about it?

  • Heather

    Too little lube? That made my vagina cringe just reading that!! Poor May!

    And I echo what MFA Mama said – what is the next step? What can be done?

  • a

    Never complain about too much lube.

    Adenomysis…does not look like a helpful diagnosis, other than in the “now you know” sense. Are they going to keep looking for other issues, since that’s not the cause of the miscarriages? Or are they going to write you off as incurable and tell you to borrow a uterus? Maybe Hairy Farmer Wifey will let you borrow her extra one? Does the NHS cover that sort of thing?

    At any rate, I’m glad that your persistence has paid off somewhat. Will be anxiously awaiting to hear what’s next.

  • Valery

    Wikipedia was quite harsh in explaining the fun of adenomyosis:

    saying things like “As the condition is estrogen-dependent, menopause presents a natural cure”
    I found early menopause not very inducive for pregnancy, wouldn’t recommend it.

    And under Other Considerations “In a younger woman, considerations should be broadened to include
    * spontaneous abortion
    * ectopic pregnancy”

    Sounds eerily familiar?
    but Probably Not The Cause they say.
    I just don’t know anymore and will make you and me some tea. With kardemom.

  • Ben Warsop

    *doesn’t have anything much to say*

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Ah, bugger.
    Would have liked to be wrong.

  • manapan

    M0th3rfu(k! I’m so sorry. I wish there had been something useful and curable to hear.

    Also, I will never again complain about excessive lube usage.

  • twangy

    I wonder if it can be treated? if not cured?
    Hope so.. surely? Just wish I knew these things.

    Really very sorry – it’s horrible to be told you have something incurable. Hoping the thyroid results will present a solution.


  • womb for improvement

    Adenomyosis isn’t anything I’d heard of though like Valery I went straight to Wikipeadia which didn’t prove very enlightening. Is it incurable but with ways round it?

  • Solnushka

    I’m so sorry it isnt more definitely relevant to the problem at hand, or more sortable in view of the horrendous pain you go through every month.

    More hugs. A lot more painkillers.

  • Korechronicles

    I’m sorry that this is what it is. I couldn’t wait for menopause. and eventually took the surgical route. But surprisingly, because all of them were discovered post partum, given a bicornuate uterus. thyroiditis and PCOS in the mix, I did manage to have children. Ignorance was clearly bliss.

    But I have never, ever, and I am certain I will take this memory to the grave, forgotten what it meant in terms of bleeding, pain and suffering. Just want you to know that your diagnosis officially sucks.

    Hugs from me.

  • katie

    oh no, so sorry to hear this. Horrible.

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