*perfunctory wave*

Item – I am really, really busy right now. I am trying to finish a poetry sequence for my Creative Writing course, and I am writing writing deleting, hours and hours of writing writing deleting, on these teeny wee shreds of verbiage, because I know what a reasonable poem looks like, and I know what a random heap of metaphors looks like, and I want the former, and if it takes me writing and deleting for ever and ever then so be it.

Item – So I will get around to answering my emails and leaving comments after my deadline. Sorry. Thank you. Sorry. Right.

Item – My period is due on Sunday. Today is merely 11dpo. So why in the name of sweet buggery do I have nasty ‘hello, bleeding, ooh, tomorrow suit you?’ cramps? Huh? Why? Huh? Huh? Bastard innards.

Item – I’ve had a couple of late shifts at work recently. Work in toto is kicking my chubby great arse. And I am still not sleeping well, and it’s reaching ‘so tired I will maim someone’ levels. Possibly H, if he hangs around snoring at me until one in the morning again tonight. Sorry, H.

Item – And next cycle we scramble back on the TTC wagon. Well, Miss Consultant did give us the green light. And we do want kids. Scramble scramble. Only, the prospect of being pregnant again now fills me with misery and horror. Thank you so much, Universe. I really needed that good hard wound-salting. I’m ever more happy now.


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