Ceci n’est pas un blog-post

I want to tell you guys all about the visit to the Gynaecology clinic on Wednesday, because it was really quite interesting. But I have a cold and everyone at work has a cold and we are understaffed and I have to actually work when I’m at work and for some really irritating reason or other, this state of affairs is stealing all my words.

I’d advise you to come back at the weekend. Then I’ll be happily shouting advice at the Olympic skiers (who’ll be completely ignoring me, the buggers. Can’t they see me, this side of the Atlantic, in my pyjamas, as athletic as a pork pie, gesturing wildly and inaccurately at them through the telly?), but I am planning to blog during the tedious bits when we have to watch presenters in preposterous sweaters maundering on about cloud cover.


*Also, cough*


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