The jury are deliberating

I actually dreamt I was having a mad passionate affair with a Depp-alike last night. It was highly enjoyable. Truly, my subconscious is a peverse and inappropriate place to linger.

Meanwhile H was sleeping poorly and has woken up with an entire set of Lous Vuitton under each eye. Life is not fair.

When we got to the EPU at Mothership, the nurse was terribly apologetic for the queue, there was a long queue, because the computer wasn’t working (oy vey but the Mothership’s new system is doing my head in). There were quite a few people sitting about in the waiting room, but by no means anything I’d call a proper NHS queue. It’s things like this that endear Mothership to me so. The staff are so flustered if you have to wait for more than 10 minutes, even when it couldn’t possibly be their fault.

We waited for about 40 minutes.

I was quite pleased it wasn’t for three or four hours. Ooh, look at me in my big dusty Veteran Boots.

And then, bless the nurse all over again, she was terribly apologetic for having to stick me in my tender pallid flesh. And to think I had just been about to compliment her on her technique – it was one of the least uncomfortable blood-draws I’ve had in months. And then we both had a look at my file to see where we’d got to in all the testing, and I felt my usual mind-bending surge of adrenalin on seeing that, holy crap, the NHS actually thinks I might be pregnant rather than delusional, and then I was allowed to go home and wait for the results.

Whereapon we’ll find out whether I have, after all, spent the past week being completely delusional.

The nurse warned the results could take all day. Bah. Bah bah bah arse bah damn and bollocks.

Mood: Trip to and back from hospital, on verge of tears, sure Zombryo had died, sure entire thing was miserable waste of time, deeply freaked out and upset by mild cramping I’d been having since the night before (no bleeding at all. Mild cramping is normal in early pregnancy. Jaysus, May, you are such a big girl’s blouse). Currently, have had some toast and a cup of tea, Universe suddenly seems less bleak, desire to cry has receded (low blood sugar always turns me into Pissy, Goddess of Anxst. H knows this. My Mum knows this. The entirety of sentient creation knows this. I don’t know this, because, clearly, I am not sentient).

What to do to pass the time? I would knit, but such was the ferocity of my tension last night, I snapped the yarn. So much for the soothing needle arts.


13 responses to “The jury are deliberating

  • QoB

    AGH, all day??


    I do hope you find something to distract you for a while.
    I recommend “Misfits” on Channel 4, just because I’m recommending it to everyone these days and it’s hilarious and very well-written and there’s only 7 days left on its online watchability.

    needless to say I’ll be checking back frequently.

  • twangypearl

    All day, all day? Jaysus, indeed.

    Nice of your subconscious to give you a break last night, wasn’t it? I love those dreams. The way the subconscious fixes you up with famous people you’ve never met, is hilarious. It makes no distinction at all! All potential matches, as far as it is concerned.

    Poor H, though, with his midnight watch. Morale is never good in the small hours.

    Pity a Depp-ish nap would be out of the question. TV is good, wonderfully mindless. Or baking, if not too nausea-inducing?
    I quite like undemanding housework too, when nervous. Ironing or something. I go at it dementedly, like never on normal days.

    Oh, come on results! Be good.

  • a

    All day is a very long time…although if their computer system is down, you might want to call and remind them later. Does that work with NHS?

    For mind-numbing brain-disengaged activity, I recommend playing Bejewelled online. That can keep you busy all day.

  • Blanche

    What’s another day when you’ve been waiting a week? Only the longest collection of hours ever experienced, that’s what!

    I find quite entertaining and an excellent time suck.

  • womb for improvement

    Cripes. How is that temptation to pee on a stick going now?

  • Amanda It has stolen near days at a time from my life and mind. 😉

    You know you’ve been through this too many times when you compliment (or near compliment) the nurses on their ability to stick you without pain. I had the BEST phlebotomist in the world a couple of weeks ago…I seriously didn’t even feel the needle!

    Praying for their “all day” to mean the same thing as their “queue” and for excellent results to come in shortly!

  • arminta

    Do they not realize that the nail-less tips of your fingers are in jeopardy if they don’t hurry with the damned results?!?!?

    I hope that you do end up having to rename Zombryo, though…

  • Martin

    All day is over now, surely?

  • meganlisbeth

    it’s morning here, so surely your day must be approaching over??

    thinking of you and H…


  • May

    This is KILLING me, so I cannot begin to imagine how YOU feel!!!

  • Jem

    Either you are jumping for joy and have no time to write, or… (we’ve all been in that OTHER PLACE).

    So? We’re all waiting at the edge of our seats…


  • Valery

    Don’ tell me you waited to call till 5:59 only to discover they don’t answer the phone after 4pm? (I did that once. mhm, okay, twice)
    Just can’t stop hoping. Had to cut my finger nails today. The 8 that I still had…

  • thalia

    Bastards keeping you waiting. And us. It’s all about us, isn’t it?

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