O ye of little faith

So, in my last post, I mentioned that Satsuma, on Tuesday, did That Thing, you know, the peculiar, distinctive, colicky, burning thing she does when she’s ovulating. Only, the next day, my basal body temperature had gone down, not up, so I dismissed it all as Satsuma being a Very Stupid Little Ovary Indeed, damn her eyes.

[See, ovaries don’t have eyes, so I think I can get away with that one without a punch in the face from the Karma].

But on Thursday, my temperature was up. And even upper yesterday, and today. And all the fertile signs have gone stopped ceased eased off and generally vamoosed.

(This bit is totally TMI, so it really is only for hard-core fans of biology, endocrinology, and my innards, (are you still reading? Stop at once!) but am I the only person whose *cough* pee changes smell after ovulation? Anyway, that happened too.)

And today, my fertility charting online software agreed that I had ovulated, though it thinks Wednesday, not Tuesday. We shall see.

I hereby apologise, publicly, and very humbly, for doubting Satsuma, who really is a very good little ovary indeed.

If you keep in mind that I may possibly have had a luteal cyst that possibly popped two weeks ago, then it only took two weeks (Two! Weeks!) for Satsuma to fire up, and grow a whole new follicle to maturity. This thought cheers me up a great deal.

Period now due just in time for Hanukkah. Go me.


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