And then it got worse (update from H)

It’s 3am I’m just back from hospital where May is being kept overnight for observation. Throughout the day pain and bleeding worsened. By 9pm pain killers were obviously totally ineffective, so I called the out-of-hours GP service (completely useless), by the time they called back May was throwing up, so I called an ambulance.

Ambulance driver took the extra long route (blindly following the very badly designed Sat Nav that either didn’t really give proper turning warnings alternating with requesting turns too soon – probably not helped by the sudden appearance of a rather heavy, gothic type fog over our area of the city). Just as well gas and air was on tap and helped a bit.

We finally got there at 11:40pm to find blood soaked through everything. They took away gas & air, but nurse as May asked for something for the pain brought a paracetamol(!) – talk about trying to swat a pterodactyl with a feather. After going through full medical history for a fifth time in two days (I think I shall take printed handouts next time). May was finally given some proper pain relief and admitted to the ward at 1:30am

Fingers crossed no surgery needed this time, but Gynae said if she was still bleeding tomorrow she’d be prepped for it.

Just a personal thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.


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