It’s fourteen (14!) days past ovulation. No sign of period. At all. Not even cramps. Folks, I have a 12-day luteal phase. It’s been 12 days for the past two years or more. So, H and I are, well, we are so very very tense we are vibrating slightly at all times. Makes eating soup messy.

Naturally, yes, I peed on a stick. Negative.

Only, when I went to chuck it away an hour later, both H and I could sort-of maybe if we squinted see a shadow of a ghost of a thought of a line. Not a pink one though. One of those notorious evaporation lines, obviously. But I kept the pee-stick anyway.

Now, of course, said line has vanished altogether. Hell of a morning, we’re having.

*Bangs head repeatedly on bathroom wall*

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