Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

Smell of burning

I am cold. It is cold. But I am cold, in that my temperature was down (aaaaaaaagh) this morning. Positive Thinking Fairy is pointing out that I had a temperature dip about this time on the One and Only Pregnancy Cycle, hurrah hurrah. Bitter McTwisted, who is, I think, a sensible woman, points out day 10 is about time my temperature starts slowly tumbling back towards normal, to meet the rising Crimson Tide.


I had an anxiety attack at work, you know. I made a teeny weeny simple mistake, realised I’d made it within five minutes, corrected it (which took, ooh, 0.2 of a second), and carried on with no one else in any way affected or in the least aware of it. And then spent my entire tea-break talking myself down of the Ledge of I-Am-A-Cretin-And-Don’t-Deserve-To-Be-Employed. For a mistake the like of which I make at least once a week and usually correct but no-one cares if I don’t. For a mistake over which I normally don’t so much as waste the bat of an eyelid. Yes. Indeed. That’s what I thought.

(I wish being anxious didn’t make me feel so… contaminated. Ahh, me and my hang-ups).

Anyway, I am frazzled to buggery (less fun than it sounds) over work, writing course, almost certain lack of indwellers, uncertainty regarding almost certain lack of indwellers, course (did I mention course?), and suddenly highly active and entertaining social life (I have a social life? How the hell did that happen?) giving me very little time to work on writing course, aaaagh first assignment due in next week aaaaagh, oh, and the bathroom needs cleaning.

The smell? Is my brain melting. Disgusting, isn’t it?