I’m on fire, I tell you.

Item – spent weekend rushing hither and yon like a humming-bird hawkmoth on speed. Concerts, seminars, plays, craft-shows, restaurants, family. It was all the most colossal fun, I was happy as Larry (who the hell is Larry?), in top form, witty and charming, and generally a wonderful addition to any social circle.

Item – Therefore I feel awful today. I woke up in the middle of the night with a burning sore throat. I actually woke up because H was snoring, but H says I was snoring too, so there, so I don’t think I’m actually allowed to kill him in case he claims equal rights and kills me back. On the other hand, 3 am is not a good time to get pedantic about whether a cough-sweet counts as a throat-sweet or not. Just give me the damn sweets. Thank-you.

Item – So I am having the day off work. Hey! I can do my creative writing homework! After I’ve watched some Star Trek, naturally.

Item – Satsuma is, I think, a reformed character these days. I am pretty sure she popped on Saturday afternoon. Which was day 18 of this cycle. Which is like, ya know, normal? Like real women do? And is the fourth time she’s done it solo since she amply proved that Clomid could kiss her perky derriere. Please, gentle readers, kindly cross your fingers that this is indeed so, and that she is not indulging in mere chicanery for the further derangement of my fragile mind.

Item – Assuming Satsuma is not messing me about, we will be flattened by onrush of the Crimson Tide on or about Friday the 23rd.

Item – Yes, H and I have been *cough* busy. Nobly busy, in the face of a great deal of run-down tired meh. But I refuse point-blank in any way whatsoever to be hopeful, as I think being hopeful is a jinx. H can be hopeful if he likes. It cheers him up. I shall sulk and glower and stock up on tampons and chocolate. That cheers me up. Only, not really.

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