Can’t post, am too busy writing posts

No, really. I have about ninety-seven exceedingly whining posts, all of which I am heartily ashamed of, snivelling away in my wordpress dashboard. I must go on a deleting frenzy. They mostly run on the theme of ‘Woe is me, gnashing teeth now, I’m not pregnant, boo hoo hoo.’ Hmmm. Must go and rescue my big-girl panties from the laundry-basket.

Ovulatory news – none at all. I thought, briefly, that Satsuma was doing something, but when I asked her about it she threw an ‘I can’t work under these conditions!’ hissy fit and flounced away into her room, banging the door.

Acupuncture news – on Wednesday, I saw Nice Earrings again, and she was pleased with the state of my pulses, but thoroughly disappointed in the persistent coolness of my belly. Bellies, you see, should be warm, and mine is not and never has been. I’d always put this down to beautifully insulating deposits of lard, myself, but noooo, it’s an imbalance. H and I did try the moxa stick warming thing at home, but H is very dissatisfied, as the damn thing made the entire flat smell like a bonfire of wet wool. For days. I am very much wondering why a hot-water-bottle won’t do as well. Anyway, next session, Nice Earrings wishes to put a dozen or so needles in said belly and then set fire to them. Blimey, but she’s determined.

Family news – the plans for Chalet of Terror are still on, now with added Mother, who has decided to stay on a few days extra. Give me strength. Give me gin.

Work news – my job is getting on my tits now. That is all.

H news – H woke up this morning with such a bad headache he actually took paracetamol. Seeing as he was raised by hippies and regards pills from the chemist (as opposed to from the florist, sorry, herbalist) with unconcealed suspicion, I take this to mean his head felt like someone was smashing it in with a brick. He is currently in bed playing Civilization on his iPhone and drinking chicken soup. Poor lamb. Especially as I need him for procreation purposes, headache or no headache.



7 responses to “Can’t post, am too busy writing posts

  • Korechronicles

    It all depends how you look at it – ninety-seven whiny posts which, in my opinion, are totally justified by the nasty mind-games played by Satsuma and her associated internal companions or four long months of total blog silence while I tried to get out of a massive sulk after losing my beloved camera to some dishonest citizen of Southern California. Insured? Certainly. But the model, less than two years old, discontinued. And I didn’t want another one, I wanted that one. And tantrums resulted.

    The trepidation ahead of Chalet of Terror is leaking from my laptop screen. Give me the address and I shall organise gin drop poste haste. Or sooner.

    And hoping the chicken soup has done its work on H.

  • Womb For Improvement

    Maybe slip a viagra in amongst the paracetamol, if he isn’t use to pills he might not notice…

  • a

    May, when you do have a child, I predict it will be a beautiful little girl, who acts just like Satsuma. Good luck with that.

  • twangy

    Hmm. Was considering going the Way of the Needle, like you. Now a bit concerned in case some part of self might be deemed a a degree or two off and get set FIRE to.

    Call me a worrier but there it is.

    Poor H. Sympathies!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Unsure whether I need the fire extinguisher for your belly or for the Chalet of Terror, that will undoubtedly BURN TO THE ?SNOWY GROUND following the spontaneous combustion of May’s temper.

    I tend not to publish the whiny ones, either, I end up depressing myself more than anyone. Hugs.

  • Betty M

    Big pants do wonders for warm bellies plus hot water bottles. That what my acu suggested for pre-ov phase. She said no hot water bottles post.

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