No reason to get excited

I really do not know what to make of this. I really don’t. Once apon a time I was diagnosed with anovulatory PCOS. And I was anovulatory. For two years. (Well, actually, for about 15 years, but for most of those it was a deliberate act of contraception (ah ha ha ha ha)). Then I ovulated! And then I took clomid, and I ovulated in a timely fashion! And then Satsuma decided she couldn’t be having with clomid at all and refuses to ovulate on it, but now seems reasonably happy to sort herself out unaided.

Folks, I ovulated on day 20 this time. Day freakin’ 20. Not day 44, or 56, or 96. Day 20. Like when the clomid used to work.

Bloody hell, eh?

Anyway, the wonders of biology have pinged me back into the swampy trench of a two week wait. A mere three weeks after I last scrambled, chilled and miserable, out of the last one. I am seriously not used to this speed of turnover. I am a bit freaked out. Also, I don’t like hope. Hope stings even before it is dashed. And yes, H and I Have Been and yes, I am hoping. Damn it.

ETA: It can’t possibly be anything to do with the acupuncture. I ovulated hours BEFORE my first acupuncture session.


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