Complicated week, that.

Item – Period gave over twisting my uterus into a pretzel on Sunday night, ooh, over a week ago now. I was pale and tired for a few days afterwards. I took some iron pills. I got violently constipated. Sod the iron pills.

Item – Colleague at work has swine flu. Seriously. The rest of us are all leaping out of our skins and glaring when anyone sneezes. As the office is being dis-and-re-mantled about us by men with drills, and the air is thick with brick-dust, there is much innocent sneezing, and therefore much much needless glaring.

Item – Also, the drill noise? Making me unstable.

Item – I will, I promise, come back and tell you about the acupuncturist I saw on Thursday.

Item – Only, I seem to have left this updating thing a bit late this evening, and H is trying to chivvy me into bed. I probably ought to let myself be chivvied.

Item – Why haven’t I written anything for over a week? The above doesn’t seem to really cover it.


10 responses to “Complicated week, that.

  • Nina

    You haven’t written because you felt like crap! We know. I mean, seriously, when you can’t lift your head off the desk because due to anemia/constructive black lung, how can you be expected to write? I hope you feel better soon, Sweets, and I’m really looking forward to hearing about the acupuncturist. I’m a nurse, and to be honest, I’m still not fond of needles being aimed at me.

  • Betty M

    Hope the week is going to improve. You certainly dont need swine flu on top of everything else. Oh and no excuses needed for not posting.

  • Demara

    i liked reading your items 🙂 darn uterus gymnastics!!

    hope you don’t catch that nasty flu

  • a

    It’s funny how the swine flu pandemic was such a huge issue, and now here in the US, no one is talking about it. However, everyone in England seems to have it. Good luck and I hope your immune system is in good shape.

  • g

    Always glad to hear from the Land of May,


  • Secret D

    Period weeks really are shit. I’m just heading out of my bad week. I hate periods now with a capital H.A.T.E. Good to have you back.

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    This swine flu stuff is starting to freak me out a little.

    Very Tom Cruise movieish.

  • Womb For Improvement

    You sound a bit discombobulated, hope you fidn your mojo soon.

  • MsPrufrock

    I’ve been checking my work emails whilst on holiday, and I get a few swine flu ones every week. It started with a quarantined Spanish student, and now the attitude seems to be “Swine flu for everyone!” but in a most jolly way. I’m sooooo looking forward to getting back to that.

    If you have to be isolated for awhile thanks to swine flu or overexposure to brick dust, you can borrow my Kindle. You’ll have to buy your own books though, cos this holiday is totally kicking my ass financially.

  • Jane G

    Period weeks do indeed suck ass. After my last one, I didn’t blog for over a fortnight, so pissed off was I.

    Hope you avoid the swine flu. The email I saw on the topic went something like this:

    “There have been a lot of emails circulating about the link between consumption of tinned ham and the spread of swine flu. Ignore them, it’s just spam.” Boom boom!

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