You mean… all this time… we could have been friends?

Do you know what pisses me off?

Well, apart from everything, I’m easily pissed off.

But just right now, what is pissing me very much off indeed (can you tell by the swearing?), is the bloody irony, that back in the Autumn I was ovulating solo. Yes, OK, late, and erratically, but I totally was. Start Clomid, stop ovulating. Stay stopped. Stop but totally. Up the Clomid. No doing. Try a third time. Nope. Satsuma pulls all her follicles in and pretends to be dead. Weeks pass. Eight weeks.

Fine, I cry. Bollocks to the Clomid. We shan’t bother any more. I will set fire to the remaining packets with much ceremony in the back yard. Ha ha.

And Satsuma, who is two parts contrariness to three parts laziness, hearing this, yawns, rolls over, and idly pops one out.

Can I stop myself from thinking about how many au-naturale cycles I could have had in the last six months if I hadn’t been battering Satsuma senseless with Clomid? Can I buggery.


8 responses to “You mean… all this time… we could have been friends?

  • a

    Sometimes “better living through chemistry” is a myth.

  • Geohde

    Satsuma, get it together!

    Also, does this mean the dreaded tww is in progress? 😉


  • Molly

    I hadn’t realized my Provera was funking with my regular ovulation too… I’m going in to see my dr. in two weeks, so I’m hoping I can rectify that situation. Nothing like a little chemical to make you wonky.

  • Demara

    I feel like I’m missing something here. :o/
    who the heck is Satsuma?
    what is tww?

    Some people have said Clomid worked while others…yeah! meh!!

    we aren’t trying THAT aggressively YET but I hear ya…

    frustrating nonetheless, either way, probably more so on the chemicals though I’d imagine…


  • Womb For Improvement

    I hear you Different senario but nonetheless I cannot help but wonder what if I hadn’t been stuffed full of provera for three months and then given a side order of the coil just to ensure nothing could happen. Maybe, just maybe, my body would have sorted things out by itself.

  • Secret D

    Don’t you just love our bodies!

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    The question is, did ye get down and dirty before the bonfire?

  • Betty M

    Clearly Satsuma takes no messing. But you gave Clomid a go and now no nhs functionary can put it up as a hurdle in your way at least.

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