A little sweetness

Did you know about Organic Meltdown? I’m not supposed to be going anywhere near chocolate at the moment (damn you, diet! You had better work!), but once apon a time *ahem* I ate some *ahem ahem ahem* (what? One bar, I swear) of their chocolate. And so did H. H quite likes chocolate too, you see. And it is totally guilt-free middle-class hippy suitable-for-eco-worriers chocolate. And extremely tasty. (Which helps). Every bar sold allows the charity to save one tree in the Amazonian rain-forest – how cool is that? It was, in fact, my duty to eat that chocolate. I am utterly slacking by avoiding it. (Oh, my, this is an ethically complicated situation).

This evening I got a little email from them. H had kept the wrapper from said chocolate bar (Organic Dark Chocolate with Indian Spice, I recall). There’s an extra little thing you can do, you see. Register the wrapper online, and they’ll pick a tree from their tropical cloud forest in Ecuador for you and show you where it is on google maps (on a ridge above the confluence of two rivers). That chocolate? Meant they could afford to protect that tree. It won’t be felled for agriculture, or to make way for cocoa plantations (which are, you see, one of the main reasons the cloud forests in South America are being cut down. Like I said, this is eco-worrier chocolate).

H had dedicated that tree to Pikaia.


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