Now what?

So, back to the ACU at the Hospital Out In The Country, in the rain, at stupid annoying mid-morning-time, blowing an entire morning at work out of the water, about which I’d normally be quite happy, but right now, what with me being all New Job Shiny Eager Busy Kitten, it is, I think I mentioned before, annoying.

(But I did get a lie-in, and breakfast in bed, as H is on a mission to prove that the row we had at the weekend was an aberration of the most aberrative kind and he is, yes he is, the sweetest man in England, dammit).

Nice Lady Wand-Monkey took one look at my insides with her trusty dildo-cam, and sighed, and said ‘your ovary is stubborn,’ not a sentence designed to fill the heart with gladness at all, though I did appreciate the sigh, and the general attitude of sympathetic disappointment. Satsuma, you see, has got rid of the 11mm follicle, and now only has about half-a-dozen teeny-tiny little 2 or 3 mm follicles. There is nothing there to ovulate with. Nada. Zip.

On the plus side, Cute Ute has grown a lining. So, you know, I can have a period, if I like.


Conclusion, I am now immune to Clomid.

Like I said, hur-fucking-ray.


9 responses to “Now what?

  • a

    Oh, how annoying and frustrating.

    Will it be possible to consult with Ms. Consultant to see what the next plan is sometime before the next millenium? I hope there is a solution that will work for you.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh honey, I’m sorry. Clomid simply does not seem to be Satsuma’s drug of choice. And this is sad, because I know how much you want a child to be conceived at home.

    *mournful expression*

  • Korechronicles

    Stubborn is understating it somewhat. But the English…understating is a national sport, no? Hopefully there is an acceptable Plan B in the offing.

    Sorry this crap continues for you unabated.

  • AMH

    Injectibles, ASAP. It’s really not that much of a pain, and it really is the preferred treatment for PCOSers. I’d be adamant about no more mucking about with clomid, and jump straight to the next step. I’ll even share my own naughty story. I was not getting results with clomid, and my RE wanted to move straight to pure injectibles (all completely out of pocket, to the tune of thousands of dollars, as I’m in the States and have no insurance coverage for infertility). I did one more clomid cycle, but unbeknownst to my doctor, I made it a hybrid cycle by adding two days of menopur injections. (Cheaper than a full injects cycle). Made two great big eggs, and got pregnant on that cycle. I got the injects from a nice lady with leftovers, on the internet. Since I was being monitored on clomid anyone, I thought it was worth the chance. I had a much better response on the hybrid cycle than anytime on just clomid, and I’m a PCOSer. If you can’t get a full injects cycle, maybe see if they would do a hybrid for you? My plan was clomid 3-7, menopur 9 and 11, and trigger shot on day 12.

  • womb for improvement

    So the wand monkey is stating the obvious. Now what?

  • Betty M

    Bollocky bollocks. Sorry that this was a bust. Hope the cons comes up with a new plan double quick time.

  • g

    Oh crappy. I know how that feels,



  • Secret D

    Such shit, crappy news. What’s going on?! Where do you go from here?

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