Meh, I say. Meh. Meh meh meh.

And I have so very little to be meh about. I think I have meh poisoning: –

Item – To complete the week of career triumph chez May et H, I too had a job interview, for the more senior of the two jobs that I do part-time (and which, frankly, I’ve been doing full-time for the past three weeks owing to massive staffing crisis, so it would be nice to be paid for doing it full-time, ya know?) The interview lasted about 7 minutes, and went, ‘so, you can already do this job, can’t you, May. Do you like it? Yes? Good. What do you think of the staffing crisis? Sucks? Yes, it does rather. Heigh ho. What did you have for lunch? Salad? Well done you’. The wait lasted about, ooh, three minutes. And then my line-manager popped her head round the office door and asked me to step back into the interview room, and tah-dah! I have the job, formally full-time, starting next week. Absolute multi-participant freak-out now occuring as to who will take over what from my junior job, while they work out if, how, and when to replace me. I would laugh, but I sense a week of late working clanking about in the offing.

Item – So, I finished the provera on Thursday, and will of course start bleeding at whatever point between now and, say, the 28th of May that is most likely to cause inconvenience, embarrassment, or distressing flash-backs. Because. But fear not! H came back from the supermarket this afternoon with a large box of super-double-plus tampons. Yes! My husband buys me tampons! Without being asked! I know!

Item – Next Saturday, H and I are driving away away away to the Lake District, where we shall spend a week in the rain (yes, I checked the long-range weather forecast. Rain it is). The point being, we like the Lake District, and it will be my birthday, and we would both like to be as far as possible from London, hospitals, pregnant people, and my mother (sorry, Mum).

Item – We will also be starting Clomid Take 6. 100 mg a day. I think we need a deal of room in case the term ‘blast radius’ becomes applicable, don’t you? Lake District in the rain it is, then. Luckily sheep, though easily startled, are too dense to be easily traumatised.

Item – My Mum called me today, to plan a nice birthday outing with me. Oy. Vey. Guess, go on, guess how long ago I began announcing we’d be away for my birthday. Yes? Any of you get March? And yes, she pulled the ‘oh, it’ll be sad, not being able to see you on your birthday!’ card. And I did not pull the ‘yes, well, it’s the anniversary of the miscarriage at which time, you remember, you sucked’ card, because I was beautifully brought up, ironically by this very same woman who doesn’t hesitate to use emotional blackmail as even minor loose change in intra-familial transactions.

Item – I’m an ungrateful wretch, so I am.

Item – Meh.


10 responses to “Meh, I say. Meh. Meh meh meh.

  • a

    Congrats on the “new” job, the husband who buys your tampons unasked, and the holiday!

    I don’t understand why it is, but for mothers, your birthday is all about them. Maybe it’s a part of the aging process.

  • Betty M

    Yey to the new job plus the new pay! Yey to the Lakes – rain or no rain – its beautiful and you can go all Wordsworthian if you choose. Or if you are lucky you can be buzzed by fighter jets on training which is always my favourite bit about the mountainous zones of the British Isles but I gather its an acquired taste.

  • geohde

    H is a winner. Wonderful news on the job……

    As for the clomid, I hope it kicks satsuma into gear,



  • Rachel

    Yay for the “new” job! I’m glad the interview went so well.

    I love the Lakes District in the rain. Many fond childhood memories of wandering around in little towns trying to find ice cream with Cadbury flakes. Lots of ice cream, not so many flakes in the Lakes District.

    And excellent self-control on your part about your birthday. I’m hoping my self-control returns someday soon. It’s been missing for quite a while.

  • Nina

    Job: Wonderful
    H: Wonderful
    Vacation/Holiday: Wonderful
    Happy Birthday!

    Anniversary of Miscarriage: sucks
    Mother making you feel guilty: absolutely uncalled for! I hope your vacation is nice and relaxing, and you and H can put that clomid to good use!

  • katie

    Pleeese pleeese pleeese come and see me pleeese pleeese I’m only just off the motorway pleeese….

  • everydaystrange

    Wooohooooo! Congrats on the job, Senora!

    As for the rest – well. Private birthdays rock. Here’s to H and His Marvellous Tampon Buying.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Delighted that your employers have seen sense! And my WORD, but H is a brave soul. There would need to be an absolute level one menstrual emergency at Hairy Mansions before John would be seen with tampax in his basket!

    Sheep are tricky creatures to take out your emotional angst on satisfactorily. Men are far, far handier, and generally kick less.

    Fingers crossed – and oh, what an understatement – for Clomid take 6.

  • womb for improvement

    My Dad use to buy my sisters and me tampons. Without fail every time he’d hand them over muttering out nose bleeds…

    Congrats on the job.

    Enjoy the lake district.

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